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Republic Day Celebration

As the celebrations for the 68th Republic Day of India were in full swing across the country, ZealousWeb was no exception. The HR Department had planned interesting activities for the Republic Day which were enjoyed by the team members to the fullest.

Being Indian

The best part of the celebrations was that the dress code for 26th January was Tricolor, which added a magical touch to the event. Apart from that, the entire office was decorated with tricolor ribbons and balloons to bring a patriotic feeling among team members.

Zealousweb Office Decoration:

Zealousweb Office Decoration

decorated with tricolour ribbons and balloons

dress code for 26th January

HR Department

Office Decoration

The celebration began with the national anthem which was followed by striking games such as musical chairs and creative ad making. All the departments showed full enthusiasm while participating in musical chairs and they enjoyed it to the fullest.

Musical chairs competition:

musical chair competition photo 1

musical chair competition photo 2

Look out this short video:


However, what caught everyone’s attention was the creative ad making game, wherein participants had to show their skills when it comes to selling a product. All the teams had come up with captivating concepts for selling their products and they made the viewers burst into waves of laughter with their performance.

Creative ad making game winner:

creative ad making

At the end awards were distributed to the best dressed male and female along with the announcement of winners for Musical chairs and creative ad making.

Musical chair game winner:

Musical Chair Game Winner

Best dressed male:

Best Dressed Male Winner

Best dressed female:

Best Dressed Female

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15 Responses to Republic Day Celebration

  1. vanita says:

    It was awsum event after a long time we enjoyed alot again it was lovely reunion , Thanks to Management who has given us the approval to get relax, enjoy, fun etc etc ….. It was beautiful performance done by all the team members for the games which was organised . Good Team work and good spirit was seen at the event.

  2. Nimesh Gandhi says:

    I am newly joined and this is the first experience of event celebration for me in ZealousWeb. I had lot of fun really, The co-operation and real enthusiasm of employees are at optimum. All enjoyed a lot and for me it is memorable experience for life time.

    The best thing is top management also actively participate and motivate employees to celebrate our Republic Day.

    Thanks to all my colleagues.

  3. Jahnvi Kapta says:

    Really we enjoyed the entire day events.
    There was patriotic feeling with our dressing and surrounding decorations.
    Also enjoyed games…

    Very thankful to HR for organizing such event.

  4. Reenakshi says:

    It was an excellent event that made me feel proud of being an Indian and for a second it reminded me of how our country has progressed over the years. It really feels great to become a part of something like this. Thankyou Vanita and Dirgha for organizing such an unforgettable event that spoke volumes about who we are.

  5. Falguni Bhatt says:

    The event was a pleasant surprise for all of us on behalf of the Management. We enjoyed every section of the event to the fullest. More than anything else, this event definitely has encouraged the team spirit of the employees. Overall it was a refreshing experience in the hectic work schedules. Lots of thanks to the HR team- Vanita and Dirgha for organizing such a wonderful and enthusiastic event for us.

  6. Varsha says:

    It was the most enjoyable event with super fun activities and games. Thanks to management :)

  7. Nadeem Sabugar says:

    26th January – On this day we all come together and pray for humanity – A Republic day. The celebration began with the national anthem, office decoration, colours, balloons and then games such as musical chairs and creative ad making. All employees are happy with this organized event. Thanks to HR team for organizing such a refreshing event.

  8. Dirgha says:

    It was great event. We enjoyed a lot. All events are well organized. I want to thank both the sir and Vanita mam who appreciated my idea for arranging ADD Marketing game, and organized such a nice event. I also want to show my gratitude towards each and every employee for showing Interest and participating in the event with great enthusiasm.

    Again, my thanks to all involved for their participation.

    Had a blast!

  9. Hasmukh Tank says:

    It was very nice experience and we enjoyed a lot on entire day. It was remembering our school day when we were celebrating Republican Day with decorations, games & lots of activities in school.

    I like the idea about ‘advertisement making game’, because each team members enjoyed a lot by sharing there creative ideas, making & playing game and be a part of game.

    Thanks to HR team & Kandarp/Vishal Sir for organizing such an event. It makes healthy environment in office and people get chance to know about team members of other departments.

  10. Jwalin says:

    Republic Event: ZealousWeb celebrated the best way. We started with decorating our offices, chanting around with colleagues, playing Musical chair (Where I was the winner) and Advertising (This was the fun part of the whole day). To make the event possible and fun, I would like to thank Management and HR Team(Vanita for bringing Musical chair with live music and Dirgha for Advertising event, which helped us see the another part of the employees).

  11. Mayur says:

    Thanks for inviting me, It was really wonderful moment. Games, singing, specially the Ad game (creative idea by HR team). That all moments remind me my past character in school 😀

  12. First of all I said Thank You Very much – “ZealousWeb” for organizing This Grand Event.
    On 26th January-2017 we enjoyed whole event with fully Excitement.

    And also I Feel Proud to be a part of “ZealousWeb-Family” who organize Remarkable Celebrations !!

  13. Urvi says:

    It was mesmerizing day after a long time. We had enjoyed a lot as there were some interesting games like musical chairs and ads making which was new for us. Thanks to HR department for making this possible, cheers! :)

  14. keyur says:

    It was great fun! All team member enjoyed a lot on Republic day events.

    Decorating the office with tri colour Followed by nation anthem. Feels Patriotic and proud!

    And lastly, the funniest part. Events. Especially, musical chair.

    I want to thanks, management & HR team for organizing such a fantastic event!

  15. Dinesh Rajpurohit says:

    It was such a wonderful day, lots of fun and had a fantabulous time with Zealousians

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