Smart Compress: Introduction


Smart compress module is a user friendly module that allows user to compress and format css and js files. It allows all css ( .css, .less and .scss ) and js files for format.

Some features of Smart Compress are listed below:

  1. Easy to Install and use.
  2. Support LESS and SCSS files.
  3. There are many css formatter available. ( Expanded, Nested, Compact, Compressed, Crunched ) that allows css file formating.
  4. Minify or Beautify js files and add as many files you want to add in single list.
  5. You can manage file name and server path where you want to save file.
  6. Create cache for a specific time duration.
  7. Allow file selection based on enter server path. You just need to check the files that you want to compress or format.