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10 Tips to Successfully Run a Mobile Marketing Campaign for Small Businesses

Post by|Digital Marketing2 April,2014
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In the past five years, cell phones have penetrated so fast that every seventh person in the world keeps a cell phone nowadays. There are around 1 billion cell phone users on the planet today and it has impacted the way people surf the Internet, pay the bills, conduct businesses, entertain and interact with others.

Here are 10 Mobile marketing tips for small business owners and entrepreneurs that will help them run their mobile marketing campaigns successfully:

1. Asses your key objectives

Before you start a mobile marketing campaign, you must be aware of your mobile marketing campaign objectives. You should also know the key results you want to accomplish. If your campaign doesn’t create a good mobile experience, it is better not to go for it.

2. Get a mobile website

As more and more people are using their mobile devices to surf the Internet, it is desired that your website should be mobile friendly. There is a vast difference between the normal website and its mobile version. The normal website may not look good on a mobile device, if it is not optimized.

3. Use responsive design

A responsive design adapts itself to the device you are using. It means that it fits the content and layout according to the screen size of the device. Many companies are using responsive designs and it’s working wonders for their marketing campaigns.

4. Target the new cell phone users

It always works to target the new cell phone users in the market. The market is always growing and the best way to tap it is to target new iOS and Google Play registrations.

5. Keep your mobile site user-friendly and easy to navigate

Try simple apps and “calls to action” to attract customers to your business. For that, your apps should be straightforward and task driven. The calls to action should be brief and clear, such as “click the button” and “click to avail discount” etc.

6. Text messaging should be smart

Remember, text messaging is just like a direct call and is your direct contact with the prospect. So, you should not spoil it by sending untargeted, dumb, and irritating messages. A text message is a personal interruption, so make sure it is of some use to your prospect and gives them an irresistible offer. Especially, be careful with its frequency.

7. Supplement your marketing with mobile social media

Mobile social media has become pretty common and the smart way is to use mobile social media to inform, update and entertain your prospects. For example, millions of people use Facebook and Twitter on their cell phones. It is real-time and is the best way to “interrupt” your customer without irritating them.

8. Run a targeted mobile marketing campaign

Try to meet the business goals of your client through your mobile marketing campaign. It means that your mobile marketing campaign should not be just a seasonal campaign; rather it should be a part of your brand’s marketing strategy.

9. Keep your mobile campaign independent and complete

Your mobile marketing campaigns should not be a part of your desktop marketing campaigns. They should be complete in every respect i.e. from targeting to measurement these campaigns should be run independently. It also helps you in behavioral analysis.

10. Test the campaign and improve

It is very important to test the campaign in terms of its design, content and functionality, as you are pitted against the desktop experience. If the mobile experience is not as per the desktop experience, the entire mobile marketing campaign might fail. It is therefore imperative to be ready for improvements and test the performances frequently.


But it is always a challenge for the startups and small business owners to launch a mobile marketing campaign. Technology is changing and so all the operating systems etc. and it makes things difficult for the business owners. So, you have to follow certain tips in order to succeed in the competitive mobile marketing campaigns.

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