Visual content is more memorable than text

Here is a tip-to-remember for all web design agencies – “Visual content is more memorable than text.”

When shopping for monthly groceries, 10% of our purchases are impulse buys due to shiny products on the shelf. Their appearance soothes us that we’re okay with shelling out a couple of extra dollars on the purchase.

In a very similar fashion, your website is the grocery store that your customers visit. And if you, as a web design agency, need to give them a shiny reason to stay on your website and not navigate away.

Creative visuals easy your job by half by attracting and retaining customers. They compel users to stay on your website and navigate through multiple webpages to explore further.

In a scenario where your website design isn’t compelling enough for your users to stay, they navigate away to an aesthetically pleasing website. And this means that your website traffic goes down.

But Wait, Here Is How You Can Avoid This!

1) Research Before You Start Designing

Research Before You Start Designing

Research brings you closer to the victory mark by half!

Web design agencies carry out a lot of research before they begin designing. Carrying out thorough research to make design decisions will ensure that your design outshines that of your competitors.

Here’s What Works For Most Web Design Agencies

We believe that designs are inspirations from everyday life. Everything can inspire you to bring our creative side, be it drawing out from thin rays of sunshine on a heavily congested road or colorful strokes on a bird’s wings.

So, be it a careful observation of our everyday lives or search through multiple similar websites and taking inspiration from the many vivid designs, thorough research can help you restore and rejuvenate your creative side and skim out more ideas.

Now, your research might include inspirations from multiple other designs that you might have found on google. Designs that you might have seen by top web design agencies, but don’t let it be a copy of any of them. The idea behind the research is to create something unique and not a derivative of something else.

How To Avoid Copying?

When creating a design for any task, always remember the purpose behind the design and the project. Any proficient web design agency would look for an emotional connection between things. To create a unique design, you establish a unique relationship between your design and the brand for who you’re working.

Here Is Our Equation Of A Unique Design

Market Research + Emotional connection to the brand = Unique design

2) Colors & Background Colors

Colors & Background Colors

Expert web design agencies establish a connection between their designs and the brand values to deepen the sense of belongingness.

Each time your customer visits your website or any other web page, they witness vivid designs, but something takes them back to the brand value amongst those designs.

CocaCola’s logo and color are its brand identity. A quick scan through the brand’s social media, and you’ll realize that its posts always carry its signature color and font style.

Colors & Background Colors

Image Source

And this is precisely how color and background color impact the brand’s value and recognition. So, while creating designs for your blogs or any other page on your website, you must consider your brand values and emotions and select a neutral color pallet.

The color theory comes in handy here. Every web design agency understands and knows the apt use of color theory and which colors will appeal to the customers. Most of you know this trick, but we’re still putting it out there – using primary colors gives a natural and personal vibe than the other colors.

3) Typefaces


Each element of your design carries the brand value along with it. Typefaces are one such element that you must focus on. Along with the color theory, it is also essential to identify the right font for your brand.

A typeface is the design of letters that include multiple variations such as bold or extra bold, the size of the letters, and a lot more details.

Today, font and typefaces may be used synonymously, but historically, there is a significant difference between the two. Font usually includes the size and type of letters. E.g., 12 point-Arial.

What’s important in typefaces is that your choice of letter design must be readable. The goal is to look at it from the customer’s perspective and increase the user experience.

If your website is creative, you can use fancy fonts but if you are making a professional website, then use simple fonts.

Don’t select less readable fonts, and your eyes have to struggle to find content. It is hard to scan multiple typefaces, so stick to a simple collection of fonts.

4) Typography


Typography is the major head that involves typefaces, line lengths, and a plethora of more things. It is the art of arranging words and letters on a page to enhance user readability and focus.

The trick is to identify the right combination of typography-elements that support your brand value and uplift your brand.

5) White Space

White Space

The thumb rule that web design agencies follow ensures the right amount of white spaces (empty spaces) on their web page. Since the trends keep changing, this time around, users find it easy to glide through the web pages with more white spaces.

The idea is simple – the less the white spaces, the more it seems like a puzzle for the readers. Now, these white spaces are also a result of the typography patterns and other conscious design choices.

6) Alignment & Spacing

Alignment & Spacing

Alignment and spacing show the consistency of your design. Web design agencies follow the rule of making the spacing equal between boxes and then align them horizontally and vertically. They also ensure consistency in spacing at the bottom of the headings and body content.

Here is a pro tip; don’t change these rules page by page. If they aren’t equal, then the users will see a lack of consistency in your design.

7) Keep Information Clear & Reachable

Keep Information Clear & Reachable

Designing a website involves persuading your current and prospective users to purchase your products or services. And for this, it is essential to highlight essential information that can help users make purchase decisions.

The easiest trick is to add-in an appropriate amount of CTAs in the right place to grab your user’s attention. If your content is too lengthy and has only one CTA button, your user might not stay on your page longer and navigate away.

8) Make Clear Images

Make Clear Images

Expert web design agencies make background images with respect to adjustment of contrast and brightness. So when you use a background image, it can’t create visibility and readability issues. You can add white or black text, which doesn’t blend with the image. It makes your design clear and easy to read.

9) Iconography


Needless to say, words explain concepts directly, but sometimes the audience may get bored or lose focus with too much text. By adding icons, you can explain functions and features more effectively. It will not only help in decorating the section, but it can give a message with a visual explanation.


To summarise, creating an attractive design begins with thorough research and establishes the intention behind the design. Expert web design agencies follow specific steps that they’ve customized for several different projects.

Each step, from picking the right color for the brand to placing the words and letters on the web page, is a careful endeavor. You must remember that creating a design is adding to your brand value and creating a memorable story. And sometimes, when you find yourself in a rut, amidst all these steps, you can always reach out to an expert.

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