A Can’t-Fail Way to Increase Your Revenues Online

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More often than not, every business makes sincere efforts to attract new customers and expand their network. Some also pay huge amounts to professional advertising agencies. And some invest thousands of dollars every month in promoting their branding.

So, how much do you spend to continue getting new customers?

Well, regardless of your answer, the bottomline is that every online business wants increase their revenues.

If you browse internet to find a way to increase revenues, you will find many in results. In fact, you will also come across several posts that will tell you how you can increase revenues without increasing expense. I’ve distilled all these posts and summarized all different ways discussed over the internet, and found that there is a sure-fire way to boost your business revenues – content marketing.

Let’s discuss it in detail.

Content Marketing

“Develop content that drives leads and business”


Here are the top 10 benefits of effective content marketing:

  • Increased User Engagement
  • Increased website traffic
  • Enhanced Brand Awareness
  • Improved sales
  • Improved SEO
  • Increased leads
  • Better Brand Perception
  • Incremental Revenue from content
  • Nurturing leads
  • Strong Influence on key stockholders

However, not every content can drive sales for you. There are lots of examples where business find dramatic boost in their traffic, but no improvement in their sales.

Following are the four main reasons why your content marketing strategies stuck:

  • They have no idea exactly which audience is engaging with their content
  • They don’t focus on sales, rather they count only traffic.
  • They don’t trace actionable metrics to learn when their content works, rather many has a myth that the more content they create, the more sales they will get
  • They don’t have any clue what part of their content is driving sales and generating revenues

And hence the real challenge is to create the content that results for your business. But how?

  • Define a goal. And don’t begin writing unless you have one.
  • Content should be engaging, interesting, sensational, informative and intriguing
  • Content should be relevant or exactly what your target audience is looking for, or would be interested to read
  • Maintain flow in the content, as if you are telling a story
  • Include keywords that resonates with your customers
  • Create metrics to know what works best, and what doesn’t work; continue tracking these metrics
  • Make it simple and straightforward; Remember, less is always more.
  • Don’t confuse the readers, instead use striking, direct and definitive language
  • Breaking down the content into bullet points, numbers, lists make it look more organized and hence more readable
  • Never copy content. Use unique, original and quality content in your website.
  • Create attention-grabbing headlines
  • Optimize content for better search engine ranking
  • Link to other quality content
  • Bring some statistics, and thoughts of leaders and experts into your content
  • Good formatting of content is essential.
  • You may also integrate video, infographic and high definition images, as per subject demand
  • Find out what your customers like or want, and create content accordingly
  • Track which content gets you highest backlinks

Today, it isn’t a question if you should do content marketing or not. But, it’s a question to know how and where you can begin. Small and mid-sized businesses have understood the role of content marketing in their modern business model. Even big brands and leading marketing firms are leveraging top-quality content published on their own websites and throughout the web to engage with prospects and expand their client-base.

Some marketers have known this from years that content marketing is an effective arsenal, but today it becomes the mainstream. A most recent survey from MailOnline says that 70% of brands and 77% of agencies execute content marketing to promote their products and services amongst their customers and prospects.

So, how can you start out with content marketing?


content Marketing

The world of internet has brought to the table a new genesis for your content – the blog. According to CMI, “Our belief is that the center of the online content marketing strategy can and should be the blog. Yes, a blog is just a tool, but it is a very powerful tool for sharing and spreading our content, and making sure we are found in search engines. Since May, we have published a blog post on every business day, which has led to a consistent 25% growth in monthly website traffic since day one.”

Moreover, Google spiders love blogging due to the fact that it is a solid way of sharing opinion and educating people. So, if you want to get noticed by Google, start blogging. While blogging is critical to your content marketing success, you should not neglect other ways as penned below:

  • Create Social Media Buzz
  • Keep Coming with New Visuals like videos, images, web design, brochure, infographic, newsletter, business displays, etc.
  • Grab attention of users with exciting offers including discounts or seasonal offers
  • Held online contests, and conduct online surveys and polls. This will help you share content effectively.

Anything left out? Awaiting your comments.

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