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Apple iBeacon Is Expected To Bring Sweeping Changes In Retail

Post by|iOS App19 May,2016
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Today the technology developed by Apple Inc., a US-based multinational technology firm, is effectively accepted by users across the world. In fact, they always wait for Apple to launch a new product or device, which can transform their lives tremendously. Today iPhones and iPads are not only some of the handiest and useful devices available to users as far as simplifying communication is concerned, but they have also become status symbols.

Now let’s talk about iBeacon, which is nothing but a technology standard developed by Apple and it was launched by the company in the year 2013 at its Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Once iBeacon was launched by Apple, many vendors have then started developing beacons- which are nothing but hardware transmitters that are compatible to iBeacon. Beacons can be defined as the Bluetooth low energy devices which remain highly crucial for broadcasting their identifier to all the portable devices that stay close by.

With the assistance of this technology, electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones start performing effectively if an iBeacon is close to them.

In other words, iBeacon is an Apple protocol, that makes it possible for mobile applications running on Android as well as iOS devices to react appropriately once they get the signals from beacons. That means the iBeacon technology remains highly significant when it comes to enabling mobile apps to realize their position as far as a micro-local scale is concerned and provide location based hyper-contextual content to people.

A Brief Description Of What Exactly Is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

In layman’s terms, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is nothing but a wireless personal area network – a technology that is required for transmitting data as fast as short distances are concerned. Bluetooth Low Energy technology is designed with an intention of consuming extremely low energy but manages the same communication range as Bluetooth.

Apple iBeacon Can Revolutionize Retail Sector

According to reports, back in 2015, near about 4 million beacons were deployed across the world, which indicates that so far it was the most favorable year as far as proximity marketing is concerned.

In addition to that, by 2020, the industry is expected to deploy approximately 400 million beacons, which is a tremendously large figure.

Earlier in 2015, it was assumed that beacon technology would be used extensively in the retail sector, which will enhance its growth to a great extent. Implementation of beacons will transform the entire landscape of retail sector as far as buying and consumption of retail products are concerned. Considering the fact that beacons are one of the most important mobile technologies that help in communicating with consumers, it is surely going to enhance the sales in the retail sector.

According to Business Insider’s research service BI Intelligence, in the year, 2016 beacons are expected to bring $44 billion sales in the retail sector. Apart from the retail sector, beacons are largely deployed in hospitals, hotels airports and libraries etc., in order to communicate with people effectively, which eventually helps in streamlining things in these sectors.

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