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Beat The Rut And Hop Onto These Latest Trends For Web Design

Post by|Branding & Design18 April,2014
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The past years have witnessed several modifications in the trends for web design industry. There were many factors that influenced these changes. Google making several changes to its algorithms added to the commotion of changes in the industry. All this led to making the users more important than the design perspective. Though designers had HTML5 to play with, this resulted in they going overboard with animation.

All this activity will result in guiding the trends for web design in 2014. Though it is also true that every trend is not going to work for every one; knowing about what is hot property is always helpful. Let me list some of the important:

  ” predictions for modern web design in 2014″

Flat designs

The time when Apple launched its iOS7 update, everyone was of the opinion that the flat design won’t work. Even then, I along with my other colleagues were of the opinion that this is the right time to skip the skeuomorphism and let in some clean, straight-forward and minimalistic patterns of designs. With this launch by Apple, the flat design started sprawling all over the internet.

Quite similarly, 2014 will not be an exception. The flat design will keep on ruling the roost. Along with being mobile-friendly, such designs strip down the websites to basics and give them an organized feel and look. Though some businesses may stick with the traditional patterns, most will choose the flat design model.

Long scrolls & Less Clicks

This year will see the emergence of many websites opting the long scrolls pattern. Such an option was often seen for single-paged designs. The scrolling pattern will take over the traditional multi-page designs. This is largely due to the increasing use of mobile phones. This brings me to the next trend setter; emphasis on mobiles.

When we talk about the changes in web design methods, the mention of Parallax scrolling has to be present. The interactiveness achieved from Parallax scrolling is a huge advantage as the engagement level it accompanies cannot be ignored.

Emphasis on the mobile phones

The mobile phones have already conquered the way in which people browse websites and this trend will find more emphasis this year. The current trend was to build websites that are responsive; however, the coming trend is to build websites that are specifically made for mobiles. This means that the size of fonts will be large along with lot of scrolling. The content will be organized with cards and there will be more stress on the social media. Moreover, some may also opt for rendering their websites as mobile apps. So for designers, I suggest you buckle up and start learning app development.

Interactivity will be the key

This has been said many times before. Interactive websites are liked by visitors. This year around, websites having interactive elements will be more prominent than ever. This is due to businesses intending to keep their users engaged for longer durations. This helps them is gaining an emotional bonding. The deadly combination of CSS3 and HTML5 render some amazing animations. This has almost eliminated the use of Flash. There are experts who are of the opinion that the trend of being responsive has pushed Flash aside,or altogether replaced it with beefy HTML5.

Videos are the way to go

The trend of using videos instead of text for telling stories is in. Videos make it easy for business owners to explain about their products, or also how to use them and so on. Moreover, the visibility of the website is increased due to the use of videos. This is more so if SEO elements are perfectly in place. However, this year, the trend will be to include text versions along with the videos to ensure you do not lose any customer.

These will be some of the trends that I think are predicted to rule in 2014. If there are many amongst you who do not agree and want to argue, I will say that the argument will result in a new trend.

To Sum Up: Trends in any industry are a definite happening every year. Many trends come and go; hence, it is important that you are aware of the changes and requirements of the industry. Reading customers is important and staying in tandem with the market needs has to be a priority if you intend to succeed. The above mentioned trends might help you out.

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