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Our online business shot up radically after ZealousWeb looked into our on and off page activities for Search Engine Optimization. They have marketed us on the digital platforms in a manner where our referral business has increased. Thanks, ZeaousWeb for your exemplary service.

Siew-Ling Teh


To market a website to the target audience, mark its presence on the social media and to organically increase the ranking of websites higher up on the search engine results was a task that was  well achieved over the period of time. Multiple tasks were carried out, on and off the page of websites to achieve the foreseen results.

Aussie CamperVans was a project where the daunting task was to escalate the user engagement by increasing the number of relevant and active users on the website and draw more traffic. Another task at hand was to surge the visibility of the website on all the major search engines which at the time was not adequate. Improvising on the canonical issues, improving the internal linking, fixing the breadcrumbs structure and loading time of the website were few of the technical issues that needed our attention. Implementation of SSL, updating the headers and meta description of each page are some of the issues that were brought to light.


Working the way towards optimizing the website bears its results over the span of time. Our team delved into working on the issues where creating search engine friendly website structure was the foremost essential task. We intently optimized the internal navigation of the website, charted and implemented the links redirection plan. Another paramount activity that was executed was to eliminate the redundant data and optimize the content of the website. Curating massive social media campaigns to draw to users from a multitude of social platforms and executing it strategically to improve the traffic organically was one of the many exercises that we implemented. Optimizing the technical aspects of the website like page titles, meta description, URL structure were tasks that our team very well looked into.


As the result of the tremendous efforts that were put in by our adept team, AussieCamperVans was able to see a radical surge in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking of the website. Their referral business sky-rocketed through the social media marketing campaigns that we had orchestrated for the website. Their page views and unique page views increased to quadruply and users spending an average time on page to 1min 59Secs. The relevant active users’ traffic from social referral proliferated to 46.59% from Facebook alone. The number of new desktop and mobile users of the website increased to 53.84% and 31.63% respectively. Over 70.94% of the bookings were completed from the desktop. Our efforts reflected in the proven analytical results and statistics of the website which in turn escalated AussieCamperVans business.

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