DiSTI Corporation, headquartered in Orlando, FL, holds a top spot in the digital world as an HMI software and 3D virtual training solutions development company. Since its commencement in 1994, DiSTI has helped over 500 global companies, military organisations, and commercial organisations improve their operational activities with highly efficient software and solutions.

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We could deliver the website in less than 6 weeks. The client is pleased with the newly revamped site. 


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Intending to build a single platform to display their diverse portfolio of services, the team at DiSTI wanted to integrate their three different websites into a single one. 

  • Our team had to thoroughly scrutinise their diverse service offerings and help them create an integrated website that offered a seamless user interface, better page speed & functionality and a fresh, visually appealing design. 
  • After evaluation, the time estimated by our team for delivering the expected results was 9-10 weeks. Therefore, the most daunting challenge for our development team was to complete this complex project in mere 5-6 weeks as per the clients’ requirements. 
  • With minimum time on our hands, we couldn’t allow any delays. Thus, we had to practice a proactive approach throughout the project and acquire all essential insights and content from clients beforehand. Our team worked over the weekends also to deliver the best solution within the shortest possible time. 
  • Developing a website that reinstates DiSTI’s dominance in the industry and fairly portrays their revolutionary HMI software and virtual maintenance training industry solutions while keeping their user base in mind and precisely delivering what they were looking for. 


  • We began with thorough research about the company and charted out the site architecture of DiSTI’s three diverse websites, i.e. GL Studio, VE Studio and DiSTI corporation and prepared a strategy to integrate them under a single interface without losing the individuality of each website. 
  • To complete the project in a stipulated time, smooth functioning was of utmost importance. To ensure that, our team adopted the Agile approach with a three weeks Sprint for the feedback loop. We also held weekly meetings with the clients to discuss the project’s progress and establish goals for the upcoming week. Our design and development team arranged regular meetings with the client to keep them updated about its progress. 
  • With extensive experience in website development & revamping, our team used world-class project management tools that helped us maintain efficiency and productivity throughout the process. We maintained complete transparency with the client. 
  • DiSTI has a powerful brand identity. To reflect this, through their website, we replaced the previous website model with a seamlessly integrated, modern, fresh and engaging website layout. 



DiSTI Corporation is now able to present its diverse fronts at a single platform with a professional outlook. The newly revamped website has a visually appealing layout and enhanced user experience that significantly improves DiSTI’s global online presence. 

  • We completed the project before the estimated deadline with attention to detail, a proactive approach, and immense dedication. By this, we not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations in terms of quality and timely delivery. 
  • Our team created a website that united all their distinct portfolios under a single interactive platform. In less than six weeks, we delivered a fully responsive website that is modern and engaging and easy to navigate and generates an optimal user experience.
  • The client is pleased with the newly revamped website.
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