In the ongoing coronavirus crisis, there are many businesses that embraced digital transformation, and MPG Global is the one whom we helped achieve successful digital transformation by bringing their offline business to the online world.

Work We Are Proud Of

MPG Global, owned by Michael Melikian, California, USA is an international manufacturer and wholesale distributor that specializes in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Lower business running costs
Better reach to global customers
Competitive survival with 24/7/365 availability


  • During tough times , many industries struggle not only with making profits but also with communication. MPG Global despite being an international wholesale distributor of face masks was facing challenges.
  • Though the business had potential to grow, without a website, a strong online presence, prospective clients were unsure of how serious the company is about business and product quality.
  • As of now, the market for KN95 face masks is on peak. So, to enter the online wholesale market in the nick of the time with the user-friendly website was crucial.


Our business consulting on how to generate leads and close the deals resulted in the project accomplishment. We built a single page website that includes all important components a business needs.

  • The website we designed has an appealing user interface, reducing the browsing complexity, and keeping the users engaged while searching for the products.
  • The users can view the 3-ply disposable masks, and KN95 Face Masks description, packaging, and delivery details and shop in bulk by requesting a quote for pricing.
  • Top of it, we integrated a secured payment gateway for MPG Global to ensure safe transactions.
  • The website has a clean and intuitive admin interface that helps the store managers to manage the site’s content and inventory easily.


MPG Global prides itself on being able to supply large companies with the most demanded products in the world.

  • This is accomplished by assessing the market, anticipating the future demands, then by purchasing and stocking large amounts of those products.
  • Through the recent global pandemic, MPG’s business model has awarded them several municipal, state college and fortune 500 contracts.
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