It is not an overstatement, but a mere fact, to admit that each and every single economy in the world has been paused by the Coronavirus Pandemic. And what was perhaps once a potential financial outlook for 2020 has been significantly diminished. This is because, with the sudden and unexpected disruption of the now popular Covid-19, most have struggled to remain afloat. Well, we cannot go back and make things straight, neither we are yet out of the woods. What we can do is to relook at our existing operating and marketing strategies and redefine it for long-term survival. With restrictions easing and cases falling, it’s crucial that as a flourishing business, as we navigate the post-Covid marketing world, you’re ready to bounce back smarter and stronger. This will no doubt require the re-thinking of your current content marketing strategy – which this blog will explain a little more about.

In this new normal, the buyer’s behaviour has changed so it is the right time to revise your content marketing strategy, if not done yet!

Blogging – Almost At A Double Rate

Blogging is by far the best tried and tested organic content marketing strategy. Many businesses had stopped their content marketing efforts during the peak of the pandemic. However, blogs are very much essential. It is okay to reduce the frequency but not at all advisable to pause it altogether. In fact, businesses can use their blog to connect with and talk to their audience and relieve their anxiety.

For example, many physical therapy websites have a blog section pertaining to the exercises that helps fight back pain for professionals working from home to fight coronavirus spread. In this case, the target audience can be at much of mental peace. And, they prefer to stay connected, if not for in-house physical therapy sessions then to at least know about the tips and tricks needed to avoid back pain causes.

Tip: Blogging at almost a double rate will help you stay in touch with your target audience and keep them engaged.

Paid Ads Content – Keywords As Well As Sentiments

Businesses like travel, healthcare and education have fetched most of the website impressions with short-term paid campaigns. Online education and telehealth are the TWO most flourished sectors since March 2020 till now. Travel industry is yet not back with a bang, but it’s almost there. In the upcoming Christmas and New Year holiday season, they are keeping an eye to churn the best ROI.

Blogging - Almost At A Double Rate

And, in a short time span, when you have to drive maximum traffic to your websites and offer pages, the best content you can serve is the PPC Ad content. Short, sweet and to the point ad-content is what you need to convey the brand proposition at such times.

No doubt, writing a Google Ad copy is all about keywords and relevancy, however, you cannot ignore what all is being organically searched on SERPs.

Companies like Uber and Lyft are doing a great job, all their online content focuses on safety of passengers during coronavirus.

Tip: Along with adjusting the keywords in Ad copies, include the phrases that deal with customer sentiments, keeping an inspirational and positive tone. Avoid sounding humorous, witty, or too casual to boost the content consumption.

Emails – Reach The Audience Who Can’t Reach You

If we have to talk about the eCommerce industry, their greater pie of revenue comes from email marketing. Despite setbacks and crises, the eCommerce industry is getting back on its feet. Giants like Amazon and Flipkart are anticipating higher boosts in their revenue and are likely to grow further as customers are kind of reluctant to go to brick-and-mortar retail outlets for fear of contracting the COVID-19 infection. Rather than going out, people prefer to make online purchases and contactless payments. So, the best way is to reach the audience and showcase your offerings who can’t reach you is email marketing.

So, in your content marketing strategy, include the emails that fulfils the sentiments of the people and still satisfy their requirements. While producing email content, other than marketing aspects, pay equal attention to be as empathetic and relevant as possible.

Tip: Do not be an email marketing expert, rather be an email content marketing expert. An email content not only consists of text, but also includes design and placement of CTAs. Use images that sound situational real and write content that is easy to consume.

Social Media Content – Make It About Audience, Not Brands

Social has to be creative, not denying the fact at all. It is the prime factor that helps in brand building. But, when we talk about social media content tweaks for quick wins, only make a post that has a purpose. In the current sensitive situation, social media engagement rates have been affected by coronavirus. The content that is being searched, shared has changed from the pre-covid era. It is advisable to make all your social media content about the audience and not only your brand.Using people and real images on as many of your social media as you would be able to do right now. Hence, create and post social prompts that are seemingly spontaneous and fun ways (but not sarcastic) to connect with your target audience.

Tip: Social media posting frequency is down across all industries. But to gain impressions and improve engagement, do include video in your social media content marketing strategy and use content that speaks gratitude, inform your customers what you are doing, demonstrate how good you care about your industry in the age of social distancing.

Closing Thoughts – Few Technical Tips To Survive, Sustain And Grow

Once you get to know how to do content marketing right, you need to examine its feasibility as well. You need to have a well-optimised website where users can freely navigate and reach the goal conversion. Generate various types of content like video, infographic, quiz, etc. If you have not yet incorporated chatbot on your website, go for it now. Not all customers pass through your content marketing funnel and fill up the inquiry form in the first go. Many customers prefer silent inquiries in the form of question answers without sharing their details. And this can be made possible with chatbots. For the time being, you can also think of changing graphics and headlines on your important and high-selling pages to increase overall website engagement rate and lower bounce rates.

If you think it is TOO much for you, neither hesitate nor take a step back, outsource content marketing services and cope up with changing consumer landscape. The priority of your future content marketing campaigns in a post-Covid life must be to boost customer experience and deliver a purpose-driven brand. Get started and navigate the new NOW of content marketing.