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Convince Your Customer to Buy More Items with Magento Extension

Post by|Magento14 March,2014
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Want to promote products in your e-store? Well then, the recommendation is the profitable way to advertise your products. For that you need certain tricks, because people generally trust other customers’ opinions; they find them reliable and trustworthy.

Earlier, to increase cross-selling:

  • Store owners have to go through in a few months of access logs.
  • Have to find sessions where customers viewed more products.
  • Need to collect products’ statistics that were viewed in the same session

See, statistics cannot be wrong. The majority of people choose to buy products from online stores, which are similar to what other buyers bought and so forth. Well, the reason behind taking an interest in building this extension is – we have seen many e-store owners coming to us panicking and asking us to help them with their cross-selling efforts. And, as we are in this web designing field since more than 10 years; also we are power packed with highly experienced team as well. Thus, ZealousWeb decided to contribute in building “Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed” extension for Magento, because it has the ability to turn all the above mentioned manual jobs into an excellent, fast and automated process.

There are so many extensions for Magento, but it is very important to use the best one having so many features and functionalities in it, which we provide. It is a simple, yet a very intelligent extension. It displays products which are relevant to the current item, that visitors viewed in the same session. In simple terms, this extension will suggest your website visitors with the items that were mostly viewed by other customers; providing them with ample of recommendations, that will make choosing and buying your products a lot easier. Hence, this will encourage them to pay attention to more products and you can easily influence them indirectly by other people’s choice. Because normally customers think – “If others are buying these products, it must be fine for me to buy them as well.”  Thus, this is an amazing extension which will help you increase your average cart total.

Why ZealousWeb’s Magento extension?

  • It is a free extension for e-stores, with great number of amazing features.
  • It will track your customers as they navigate through your catalog.
  • This extension will amass the information into an understandable and familiar interface for cross-selling.
  • It will save your time for something significant and allow you to sell more products to one customer.
  • It can hide the items which are out of stock and ensure efficient performance.
  • Those products will be displayed which were mostly viewed and the most viewed comes in the first place.
  • You can set the maximum amount of products to display (products which are viewed).
  • It improves cross-selling mechanism by keeping track of customers’ shopping trends.

Well, this extension is packed with many other benefits as well; and to get all those benefits, just try it once!

However, those who are not tech-savvy, even they can use this extension very easily. Because it is very simple to install and has flexible configuration. Following are few of the features, which you need to specify to see how flexible it is:

  • “Show products from one category only” – It defines from where the products will be taken: current category or from the whole store.
  • “Number of products to display” – It defines how many products you want to display in the Who Viewed This Also Viewed block.
  • “Session lifetime” – It defines when the visitor has left your website.

This extension has many other features as well, which are just outstanding. So, pay your visit to NOW; and get the Magento extension for FREE, install it and get started. This will surely make your sales rise up. As our Magento module offers high intelligence and has the ability to maximize your cross-selling rates.

Remember, there are many customers who consider only top visited or reviewed products. Thus, this recommendation software – “Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed” for Magento from ZealousWeb will be a great help for you to play on the human tendency and you can easily influence them from the previous purchases made by others.

Select products with pinpoint accuracy for free with ZealousWeb’s
‘Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed’ Magento extension.

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