Advanced Reporting & Analytics


Magento 2 Advanced Reporting extension provides 25+ new reports to the native Magento 2 functionality, which helps admin analyse sales, customer and product data effortlessly. ZealousWeb launched this extension with three attractive dashboards, i.e. sales, customer and product. Each section has its related reports and takes your store analytics to the next level.

Apart from that, this extension allows you to create your custom reports as many as you want based on Magento conditions. Also, this extension will enable you to schedule the email notifications for any built-in reports or custom reports. Admin can choose the notification timing and period of data.


  • Track all your sales, customer and product data
  • Informative dashboards
  • 25+ ready to use reports
  • Custom rule-based reports
  • Email notification for any reports
  • Support analysis for multiple websites
  • Sales comparison for different date ranges
  • Display data based on a specific period (Day, Month, Year)

Installation Steps

To install this Extension manually:

Download Zip File

Download the extension zip to your desktop.



If downloaded as a zip archive, extract the plugin folder to your desktop.



With your FTP program, upload the plugin folder to the app/code folder in your Magento directory online.



Run command “bin/magento setup:upgrade” from the Magento root using SSH



Deploy static content using “bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy [YOUR_LOCALE]


Active Plugin

Go to the store > Configuration > ZealousWeb extension and license key and save the configuration.

How To Use

To use this extension, login to the admin panel and go to Store > Configuration > Zealousweb Extensions > Advance Reporting. Add your license key and email associated with your order and save the configuration. Then enable your extensions to access your reports.

You can manage the email notification template and receiver straight from the admin panel. Also, there is a setting for the attributes; you can use the selected ones in the attribute related reports. Similarly, we have a setting for order statuses that you can apply to sales reports. You can calculate the revenue based on the selected order statuses.

You will be able to access the built-in reports from the Zealousweb menu shown in the screenshot below.

You can create as many custom reports as you want based on the conditions.

You can compare two date ranges day wise, month-wise or year wise. You can also check the comparison based on a specific website.

Admin can schedule multiple email notifications for any reports, including the custom reports. Here the admin can decide the period and notification timing as well. Make sure Magento cron is running on the server.