Generally, the contact form has common and limited fields like Name, Contact Number, Email ID, Message, etc. But what if someone wants other fields along with these?

Flow Form Integration will help you solve your problem of limited fields. It is a premium Webflow integration that lets you create forms to place on your website. Flow Form integration supports customized and conditional fields by drop and drag form builder. This integration can add various contact form templates, fields, quizzes, surveys, and more to your website. Its popular features are conditional formatting, which shows and hides specific questions based on users’ previous answers, which directs form submissions to Email IDs specified in the contents of the form submission.


  • Drag & Drop: Our intuitive drag-and-drop builder tools will help you to design and build your form using Flow form quickly.
  • Accessible and Complaint: With flow Forms, you can build WCAG 2.0 AA compliant forms.
  • Form Import: Create new forms in a flash or back up your files using import and export functions.
  • Save & Continue: Boost retention and form completion by allowing users to save their form entries and continue at any point.
  • Paginated Forms: Make longer forms more approachable by breaking them into multiple pages with less scrolling and more submitting.
  • Responsive Forms: There’s always a bigger fish. And a smaller one. And an Android one. Fully responsive forms adapt to any device or resolution
  • Conditional Logic: Over-engineered forms are a thing of the past. With conditional logic, you can display or hide fields, sections, pages, and more, all based on user selections.
  • Custom Form CSS: Stellar site design often needs something extra. Easily apply custom CSS to your forms for a seamless experience.
  • 10+ Form Fields: Flow Forms is mission control for your forms. With an ever-growing list of fields, custom forms are a breeze.
  • Merge Tags: Create new forms in a flash or back up your files using import and export functions.

Installation Steps

How to use this Integration into WebFlow site.

Login into Dashboard

You have to login first into your Dashboard with login details provided while purchase it.


Create Form

After login to Dashboard left side you can see Form list navigation. Just click on that and create New form as per you requirement.


Once you Create Form.

After done with Form creation you have to click on Embed Button and get the code of IFrame with script that you need to copy.


Add Form into Webflow Site

Copied IFrame code you have to add into Webflow site with Embed control provided by Webflow manage controls.

How To Use

Once you purchased it from Store you will find one option into your my account page.
Option is Webflow Component.

On that Page you can add your Webflow site URL and generate your dashboard based on site.
You allowed to add number of site based on your selected Plan

Once you add site you can find View Dashboard link with the added site link.

Then after click on View Dashboard you will redirect on Login screen, and you can login with the User Name and Password which you will get at the time of Add Website.
Login Screen :

Then once you login with the dashboard you can find the below screen from where you can create your forms and manage your forms.

From above screen you can create form, Show list all forms, Check your form entries, Export/Import Forms etc. All the things you can manage.
From below screen you can access field detail and edit it

From below screen you can set conditional logic or set validation

From below screen you can drag and drop all fields

Getting Help

If you have any difficulties while using this Integration, please feel free to contact us at We also offer custom Plan and Webflow website services to fulfill your objectives. Our professional Webflow experts provide profound and customer-oriented development of your project within short timeframes. Thank you for choosing a Plugin developed by ZealousWeb!


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