Abandoned Contact Form 7 Pro


Abandoned Contact Form 7 provides an ability to track the data from Contact Form 7 if the user does not submit the form.  This plugin helps you track the Contact Form 7 form data, even if the user does not submit the form. And, sends mail notification to each Abandoned user. Furthermore, it provides the separate functionality to enable/disable the Abandonment form and manages form list items. 

There is a provision to send notification mail to each guest user,  if the user does not submit the form. It can even set time events for mail notifications. Any important information like IP address and other useful information is made available by this Plugin. 

Also, Abandoned Contact Form 7 plugin exports the all Abandoned form data which helps to track the visitor information.


Abandoned Contact Form 7 comes with exclusive user-friendly features. You can do a lot more with this plugin, take a look!

  • Select your email ID field for Form in the form settings.
  • Enable/Disable Option for multiple forms where you need in Contact Form 7.
  • You can view the list of entries in the Admin side for Abandonment submission.
  • In the list of Abandoned forms entry in the admin side, you can view IP addresses and other data which are filled-up by the user.
  • You get a provision to send an email to a single user that abandoned the form.
  • There is a facility to export the list of entire abandoned users.
  • You can schedule a time for sending emails to each abandoned user.
  • You can set the “Status” of the user to send an email so we can manage not to send the same email again to the same user.
  • You can easily manage the number of time emails sent to the user.
  • Also, you get an option to customize the mail body for the Abandoned email.
  • For schedule mails, we have the option of SMTP settings. Here, you can set SMTP from Plugin, no need to add another plugin for SMTP configuration.

Installation Steps

To install this Plugin manually:

Download Zip File

Download the Plugin zip to your desktop.



If downloaded as a zip archive, extract the Plugin folder to your desktop.



With your FTP program, upload the Plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory online.


Go to Plugins

Go to Plugins screen and find the newly uploaded Plugin in the list.


Active Plugin

Click Activate Plugin to activate it.

How To Use

To use this plugin, you have to configure it from wp-admin > Contact > Add/Edit Contact Forms (Contact Form 7 needs to be activated before).

Click on ‘Contact” > “Edit Contact Form”, wherein you will find a new tab “Abandoned Form Settings” along with tabs of Form, Mail, Messages, Additional Settings. Here, you can adjust settings related to Abandoned Form and email fields.

On clicking “Abandoned Users’, you will be able to see the list of records which do not submit the form.

Click on any of the Title (Abandoned Users) for whom you want to review the form detail of the user and manage the mail notification settings.

Click on “Action” to send a manual email to that particular user. It will open an Email Body with predefined body content and subject line (which you can edit as well). 

In case you have enabled SMTP from “Mail Notification Settings”,  you can manage the SMTP settings like Username, Password and other details.

Also, under the same settings, you can test the mail to check if the SMTP detail is correct or not.

You can  manage the mail notification settings which are reflect on cron job schedule.

Enable Abandoned

You can enable/disable Abandoned form functionality.

Select Email Field

Select the email field for tracking Abandoned user.

Mailer Type

You can change mailer type for emails to be sent.

Schedule Notification Time

You can select the schedule notification time for send mail.

Number of Email Notification

You can set the number of email notification to the abandoned user.

Getting Help

If you have any difficulties while using this Plugin, please feel free to contact us at opensource@zealousweb.com. We also offer custom WordPress extension development and WordPress theme design services to fulfill your e-commerce objectives. Our professional impassioned WordPress experts provide profound and customer-oriented development of your project within short timeframes. Thank you for choosing a Plugin developed by ZealousWeb!

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