Donald Trump Fan Club

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Donald Trump fan club is expanding at an unprecedented rate not only in the US but across the world. Yes, with each passing day more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon and are putting their faith in the leader who coined “Make America Great Again,” slogan.

While some are utterly happy because they believe President Trump is on the verge of creating an entirely new American success story, there are also those who are not that comfortable with his ideology. These people are still reminiscing about the days of “Yes We Can” leader – Barack Obama. In short, while Trump is stealing the hearts of the Republican party followers, there are also those Americans who are expecting him to act as a mass leader.

With extensive support from staunch conservatives, President Trump managed to receive over 62.8 million American votes, which is by far the highest number for any Republican candidate.

It’s difficult to figure out whether it’s President Trump’s unique personality that’s working in his favor or the benchmark of excellence he has set as a business tycoon. However, the one thing that all of us can agree on at the moment is that the current president of America is a man of tremendous intellect – who has authored over fourteen bestsellers. ‘The Art of the Deal,’ which is Trump’s first-ever book, is a big hit both among budding entrepreneurs and well-established businessmen.

Reasons Trump Army is Growing Rapidly

A  review paper that got published in the Journal of Social and Political Psychology provides comprehensive information on how President Trump’s loyal supporters are increasing day by day.

It says that no single factor is accountable for Trump’s continually growing support base. Instead, it’s both social and psychological factors that are helping President Trump get faithful supporters. According to this review paper, people who support Trump have five key traits: authoritarian personality syndrome, social dominance orientation, prejudice, intergroup contact, and relative deprivation.

People with Authoritarian personality syndrome, a mental state marked by faith in absolute obedience to one’s power, have an inflexible hierarchical picture of the society. Apart from that, they show submissiveness to power, refuse to accept people from other groups, and feel uncomfortable with new experiences.

On the other hand, social dominance orientation (SDO) stands for people who love societal hierarchy. These are the individuals who support the idea of high-status people dominating low-status people. Psychologists and neuroscientists believe that President Trump tries to reach out to people with SDO by regularly using terms like “White,” “immigrants,” and “minorities” in his speeches.

Similarly, the review paper also says that some of Trump’s supporters hold prejudice against people belonging to minority religious groups. However, it also states that not all of them are same. And it is believed that to appease those supporters who hold prejudice against religious minorities, he uses terms like “dangerous” while defining Muslims in his speeches.

The review paper also states that intergroup contact has also increased Trump’s support base. Intergroup contact is nothing but the communication between the people of different groups.

Apart from that, people experiencing relative deprivation are also Trump supporters. Marked by a feeling of being deprived of something that is one’s right, social deprivation is one of the most significant factors of Trump’s rapidly growing support base.

The reason there are two sets of people, the first who support Trump widely and the second who don’t entirely agree with his views is due to both availability and unavailability of information. For example, if you compare the beliefs of his supporters with industry and tech leaders regarding market regulations, there will be a slight difference of opinion because they might not have the kind of data as industry and tech leaders have about how the markets function.

So, to make meaningful decisions, it’s essential that everyone has accurate data because the lack of precise information will only spark political storms.

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