Are you aiming to enhance the functionality of your WordPress website? If your answer is yes, then you will need a plugin. Plugins complete your site as they add various essential features and functionality to your existing website. It would help if you took advantage of every opportunity to improve your site.

Here, we have come up with an easy-to-install add-on that can help make your life smooth and easier.

And the best part is that you do not need to be a coding expert for using and installing this extension. A little bit of technical knowledge is sufficient for this. You need to follow all the instructions with this plugin, and you are good to go.

We have dedicated this comprehensive blog post to talking about the ‘Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Pro‘ plugin, which can be a fantastic option for website owners. So, let’s move further in our discussion without any further delay:

What Is Authorize.NET?

Authorize.NET refers to a payment gateway solution from Visa which lets merchants accept electronic checks and credit card payments through their site and over an IP connection. You can better manage your accounts with the help of high-risk gateway solutions offered by Authorize.NET.

It is again known for offering all the necessary tools to high-risk businesses to navigate the present eCommerce world. The best part about this solution is that it allows businesses to accept payments on their terms.

This way, Authorize.NET lays the groundwork for a smoother, more efficient, high-risk payment processing experience. So, as an eCommerce store owner, you will benefit highly by using Authorize.NET.

Compared to Stripe, Authorize.NET is not an all-embracing solution but a payment gateway. However, connecting it with a third-party plugin is highly recommended if you require a payment processor and merchant account.

Before we talk about any extension, let’s have a quick look at the various modes of payment with these services, which we have enlisted in the following section:

What Are The Different Modes Of Payment With Authorize.NET Services?

  • Electronic Check Payment: Authorize.NET makes it incredibly easy to accept eCheck payments online, in person, or by mail.

  • Online Payment: Stripe is a popular payment platform from Authorize.NET. One can use this to accept online customer payments using credit cards and other methods.

  • Mobile Payment: As a business owner, you can even accept mobile payments from clients with the help of this highly efficient solution. The repeat customers who store their cards securely again find the checkout procedure to be simple and smooth.

  • Monthly Billing: Similar to Stripe, Authorize.NET provides a billing service that saves businesses from billing their clients manually. You can even get the option to customize the billing period, price, etc., as per your unique requirement.

  • Mobile Credit Card Reader: It is a highly effective solution as it converts your tablet or phone into a mobile POS system, making it easy for you to accept payments. To use this, you must first install the app and affix the card reader to the headphone jack on your smartphone. It is simple, safe, and swift to use.

Uncovering Details About Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 Plugin

With the help of Contact Form 7, you can develop, customize and manage front-end forms for your website. Contact Form 7 is versatile, so it best suits integrating different payment gateways. The constantly increasing recognition of Contact Form 7 has allowed developers to come up with several third-party extensions.

Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 is a plugin created by the highly skilled and talented developers of ZealousWeb. This add-on allows users to accept payment through the Authorize.NET payment gateway conveniently.

Combining Contact Form 7 with the Authorize.NET payment gateway is also easy. As a result, you can use this effective extension to accept payments safely, which is its best part.

If you are dealing with any payment-related concerns, you can rely on this add-on. Using this, you can even accept credit card payments directly from your customers. Thus, it effectively lowers your chances of landing on any third-party payment page. It, in turn, ensures your safety.

Whenever it comes to online payment processing, Authorize.NET is the most sought-after choice as it accepts all major debit and credit cards. Other than that, it also accepts international transactions from global consumers. As it comes with sophisticated fraud prevention tools, you do not have to worry about safety.

The whole process works efficiently. First, the users must submit the contact form, which displays the payment checkout form before them, which they can utilize to ensure secure and swift transactions. By employing ZealousWeb’s ‘Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7’ extension, you could swiftly generate revenue for your website.

Another thing to note about this extension is that it allows you to make payments only once. There is no availability of any recurring payment option.

Although this plugin is straightforward to install, if you still face any issues or need assistance, our technical team will be happy to assist you. Note that we support the integration of Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using the Contact Form 7 plugin within 30 days from purchase, including the weekends and public holidays.

However, we do not guarantee this extension or any third-party add-ons. We shall first closely look into this plugin’s compatibility with third-party add-ons within 30 days of support in case of less complicated tasks.

Our team may charge you extra for more sophisticated compatibility issues of Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 with third-party extensions. ZealousWeb has the right to decide the complexity of the tasks.

Critical Features Of ZealousWeb’s ‘Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7’ Extension

  • Allows you to build multiple payment forms leveraging Contact Form 7.

  • Effectively supports numerous formats on a single page or post.

  • Lets you enable Test API Mode to ensure the correct functioning of payment transactions.

  • The free version of Authorize.NET can view the payment transactions of a maximum of 10 Entries in the admin panel.

  • Allows you to look at the Authorize.NET payment data details on the Admin side.

  • Provides you with the option to accept payments in 25 different currencies.

  • Comes with options for filters and a search facility, especially on the Admin side.

  • Offers you the option to send individual emails to customers and admin after Authorize.NET payment transactions.

  • Lets you customize the content of the email sent to the customer and admin after transactions.

  • Provides an option that you can utilize for exporting Payment data in Contact Form 7 to CSV.

  • Admin gets the option to delete and view any payment data.

  • Allows you to take values from all input fields, including radio buttons, hidden areas, textbox, drop-down menu, etc.

  • Accepts dynamic value from front-end parameters such as item description, quantity, amount, email, and customer details.

  • Offers Shortcode [authorize-details] for displaying the transaction ID, transaction status, and Amount with currency once the transaction has been made.

  • You can incorporate the ‘Cancel Return URL’ and ‘Success Return URL’ pages for redirecting after the payment transaction.

Who Can Reap Benefits Out Of This Add-On?

Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin is intended for all those websites that need to accept online payments. If your WordPress website is involved in selling services or deals with money, it could prove to be extremely helpful for you.

You can successfully achieve your business goals by using this outstanding extension for accepting online payments. With its help, you can even add online payments to any websites you wish to.

In the following section, we have discussed a few websites categories which could be significantly benefited from this plugin whenever it comes to accepting online payments:

  • Sites that are involved in offering any services

  • LMS or Learning Management System websites selling online courses

  • Charities or nonprofit websites

  • And a lot more.

How To Install The ‘Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7’ WordPress Add-On?

It is straightforward to install our ‘Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7’ plugin. There are specific easy steps that you need to follow. Below, we have enlisted all those steps to make things easier. So, let’s find out:

  1. First, navigate to Plugins –> Add New from your website’s dashboard.

  2. The subsequent step involves choosing the Upload option and tapping on the “Choose File” option.

  3. Now, a popup will appear. Once you see this, you must choose the file from your desktop.

  4. After that, you must follow the on-screen instructions and wait until the upload finishes.

  5. Once it is fully completed, you must activate the add-on through the prompt. Now, a message will appear that confirms successful activation.

That’s all! Your job is almost done. At this stage, you need to configure your settings, and you are on your way to creating forms with as per your preference. Still, facing issues while carrying out the installation process? If yes, all that you need is to contact us for assistance.

Why Choose ZealousWeb’s Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form” Add-On?

  • Full Installation Support

  • High-Quality Code

  • Regular Extension Updates (Bug Fixes, Compatibilities, And New Features) Are Released Monthly

  • 30-Day Full Money Back Or Refund Policy

  • Comes With Outstanding Support, Extensive Documentation, And Full-Service Package

  • 90-Day Free Support

Final Thoughts

Now that you have reached the end of this highly informative blog post, we are sure that all your doubts about Accept Authorize.NET Payments Using Contact Form 7 are cleared.

We have managed to cover almost every single detail in this guide. If we have missed anything or you want us to cover something else, you can let us know in the comment section below. We will assist you in the best possible manner.

On a final note, we would like to wish you the best for your online business.

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