Smart Members: Introduction


Smart Members plugin is use to all member profile addition, view or modifications.
This plugin gives user friendly environment to user as well as easy to use methods that increases the quality of plugin as well.

The plugin contains module like Register member, Edit profile, Forgot password, Reset password, View profile, delete profile etc.


Registration / Edit profile

  1. Contains in-built static fields and custom fields created by user.
  2. Captcha facility
  3. Google Re-captcha v2 facility.
  4. Accept term as required field.
  5. Can choose email as username.
  6. Extra validations on email and username to identify uniqueness on same screen instead of EE gray screen.
  7. Errors can display in site as inline or outline both.
  8. All validation rules of codeigniter applied for field validation.
  9. All 3 static image upload facility i.e., Avatar Image, Signature Image, Photo File
  10. Instant mail as per users requirement and fields with extra EE code that will support by template parser. Email will send after convert full page from EE to HTML.
  11. If user put down into Pending mode, the email will sent after user activate.
  12. Inline errors to put error on same screen without loosing POST data.
  13. Extra XID and CSRF token field in hidden in all forms to not loose basic dependency for EE 2.X.
  14. Parameters to control form ID, Class, Attributes etc.
  15. Parameter to control form to submit and/or return to secure URL.


  1. Can login with email or username.
  2. Remember me option to remember user.
  3. In page rules to check the username and password availability so it will not redirect default EE gray screen.
  4. Parameters, Attributes, secure action/return same as registration.
  5. Login to give 3rd optional parameter with username and password (Group ID). Sometimes useful to login when a specific member group needs to login from selection method.

Forgot Password

  1. Check existence of email.
  2. Email Reset URL with Key to user.
  3. Can set expiration time of key from backend.
  4. Set Reset password template, Forgot password email template, subject, message, reset URL from backend as well as frontend.
  5. Can use any EE tags with email template to send mail from frontend as well as backend.
  6. Parameters, Attributes, secure action/return same as registration.

Reset Password

  1. Reset the password from Key.
  2. Parameters, Attributes, secure action/return same as registration.

View Profile

  1. Tags name with field name to display values i.e.,{first_name}
  2. Tags name append with "_label" to display labels defined in backend i.e.,{first_name_label}
  3. List total field variable to view every field that is entered by user. (Used in email template).

Delete Profile

  1. Delete member profile by entering his/her password.
  2. All data of member entered in site will also delete with profile.
  3. Parameters, Attributes, secure action/return same as registration.


We have created 13 hooks all over the module to control the functionality and flow by any extension developer without modifying core code of plugin.