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EE Compatible Version: EE2, EE4, EE5, EE6.
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Some of the features of Smart Export PRO are listed below:

  1. Easy to Install and use.
  2. Exports channel entries without writing queries. (channel wise)
  3. Support MSM sites. You can set export as Public or Private. In Private mode, it will hidden for other users who can access backend. (Except for Super admin.)
  4. Handle big amount of entries while exporting. We are introducing AJAX based export in PRO version. Now you can export thousands of data with a single click. If your memory limits run outs, just set ajax based export by some limit of entries per ajax call.
  5. Allows to Export the entries in XML and CSV formats.
  6. Allows to filter entries by their Status.
  7. Exports all the primary data including Channel title, URL title, Entry date, Author, Status, Categories etc.
  8. Allows user to choose the custom fields while exporting.
  9. Supports Relationships fields to export and facilitate user to choose the base of relationships entries to export. i.e., Title, URL title, Entry ID.
  10. Supports Grid fields to export.
  11. Supports Fluid fields (EE4 version)
  12. Supports Relationships fields inside Grid fields to export.
  13. Supports Grid fields inside Fluid field. Supports each relationships fields that is inside GRID. (That GRID is inside Fluid).
  14. Supports Images export by its URLs.
  15. Supports Outside data of channel field:
    – Categories
    – SEO Lite
    – Pages
  16. Supports all default field types as well as given third party field types:
    – Assets
    – Channel Images
    – Channel Files
    – DevDemon Tagger
    – EE Harbor Tag
    – Solspace Tag
    – Zeal Color picker field
    – DevDemon Editor
    – Wygwam
    – Wyvern
    – Low events
    – Matrix
    – Playa

Note: We are not providing support for EE2.


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