Zeal Entry Mapper Field

This add-on allows you to use specific Entry Mapper Add-ons. Zeal Entry Mapper Field type is easy to use and compatible with channel entry and Grid. It outputs in Entry Mapper Shortname.

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Item Number zozemf

Compatibility & Requirements

  1. ExpressionEngine 3.0+
  2. Entry Mapper 1.0+

Installation Step:

  1. Download and extract Fieldtype “Zeal Entry Mapper Field
  2. Move Field Type in your website’s Addons directory:
    EX: – /system/user/addons… [for system Files]
  3. Go to Developer > Add-On Manager > Third Party Add-Ons.
  4. Click ‘install’ on Entry Mapper Field.


  • Easy to setup install.
  • Compatible with grid field.
  • Select Entry Mapper’s map from all Entry Mapper’s maps in specific channel entry.


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