In a world full of active and efficient CMS (Content Management System), ExpressionEngine has been a flexible, feature-rich, and reliable addition. Its contribution to the development of web applications, blogs, and E-Commerce websites has raised the bar within the CMS community.

While creating a website, as a developer, it becomes imperative to understand the needs of the customer and work accordingly. It might turn tedious at times due to the lack of certain essential features or difficulty in the usage of existing ones. ExpressionEngine, along with its add-ons, strives to solve this dilemma by acting as a full-solutions guide towards web-development.

This turn-key CMS possesses an upper hand when compared to other existing CMS in terms of post types, multiple member groups, the relationship between entries and front-end data submission.

Let’s look at the various areas where this CMS shows an upper hand over its counter-parts:

Custom Post Types or Channels:

Unlike WordPress, ExpressionEngine enables the developer to create content other than three generic types, i.e., posts, pages, and media; it facilitates this without needing to install third-party-add-ons or coding. WordPress, on the other hand, requires you to install specific plug-ins and perform extra coding for the same task. Furthermore, the developer can edit all the content from the edit window without having to jump around among various add-ons.

In addition, the “Fluid Field Type” enables the developer to maintain a consolidated field data except for another fluid field.

Safety and Security:

Unlike other CMS, developers working with ExpressionEngine do not have to evaluate the add-ons constantly to maintain security. Its security features, such as secure form processing, captcha, and session management, ensure well-rounded security. As a developer, if you want to blacklist some URLs, IP addresses or user agents, such liberty is provided by its Blacklist/Whitelist Module. It also comes with built-in spam deterrents to keep the website secure and spam-free.

Custom Fields:

In simple terms, custom fields are an extension of channels. A particular channel could contain sub-division within it. For example, “Product channel” might consist of description, size, category, etc., fields. Also, there are various custom field types available such as color pickers, dropdowns, multi-select, radio buttons, rich text editors, and more, that make EE simple and straightforward. Furthermore, the Grid field allows us to create a matrix of fields. This matrix can accommodate complex data entry while still maintaining elegant user experience.


In comparison to other CMS, ExpressionEngine provides an active and helpful forum with an unlimited amount of help if the developer runs into any technical issue. Additionally, it also has a helpful StackExchange that enables the EE community to pitch in and help each other with various issues and questions.

Template Integration:

ExpressionEngine enables UX and visual designers to create desirable interfaces without any incompatibilities. Unlike its counterparts, EE is flexible in terms of template selection and creation. It does not require any extraneous HTML tags and holds the capacity to inject the CMS into the template, instead of having to build the CMS around the template.

ExpressionEngine has adopted the FOSS (Free and Open Source) model, and since then it has been unstoppable. Within this blog, we have merely carved a line of demarcation between various CMS and EE, and we believe that ExpressionEngine is only a few steps away from the zenith.

If you wish your digital transformation journey to reach fruition without any road-blocks and ease, then adopt ExpressionEngine as your Content Management System.

ZealousWeb has a potent workforce of ExpressionEngine developers and promises you to walk with you in your journey of digital transformation from conception to fruition. We have been working on ExpressionEngine for years now, and our developers have already developed many effective add-ons. Our add-ons are available for purchase on ‘devot-ee‘ and we will soon be making them available on ZealousWeb EE Store as well.