As we all are aware of the current situation related to covid-19, we all need to be strong and powerful enough to deal with the situation be it an economic situation or health-wise. All the entrepreneurs and all the owners of the well-established company, the one thing that will let them run the online or offline business for a long time is working smarter. Working smarter is today’s demand for any business and that is how it is done for the longest period.

The opportunity of growing an online business is accessible to everyone and that is the reason every person is trying hands on it. What are your takes on this fact? What are the ideas will you implement in growing your business online? You must be thinking about bringing more and more traffic to your website so that you can generate more leads. But you might be wondering how to do that without working harder. Well, it is not a big deal in today’s world of advancement and technology.

Now let’s inform you how it is done. There are many ways including Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and many more…You might have read many write-ups about these terms and maybe you have tried applying them on your business. But here I will be giving you the 5 most effective ideas so that you can gain double benefits into your business by just working smarter.

Quickly have a look at these 4 points!

1. Improve CTR Ratio

We have a mindset that the business which is ranking on the top achieves more clicks. But actually the fact is it all depends on the quality of the content you provide in the title and the meta descriptions. Of course, you need to rank on the top pages of the SERP but positions don’t matter. The thing that matters is the quality of the content in your title and the meta. Title tags and meta descriptions are required to be very appealing to your targeted audience and that will help you gain the more CTR.

Most of the people shift their focus in generating more backlinks but fail in getting the leads, but the right way is to create the best quality content first and then go for other steps. So I seriously think that you should rather focus on writing appealing Rich Snippets (Title & Meta Description) which will show up in SERPs. So that’s how your attractive snippet will increase your clicks. Here are the tips to create a perfect rich markup that Google shows with your position in the SERPs:

  • Write appealing and meaningful titles that also cover the targeted keywords.
  • Try to present the best offer which is in favor of customers in the Title/meta description.
  • If you are targeting a specific location, don’t forget to add the ‘location+keyword’ combination in your Meta description tag.
  • Try to add microdata like reviews, ratings, authorship, etc. in your snippet which gives an added advantage.

2. Increase Usability And Trustworthiness Of Your Website

You might be aware of the total no. of visitors visiting your website, but are you aware of the conversion rate?

There is a possibility that you are getting more than 20,000 hits but the sales conversion rate is very low said 1%. There is a smarter way to increase the sales conversion rate. You can work on the usability and trustworthiness of your website and boost conversion ratio with the same traffic. This will help users to easily navigate around your website, clearly see product/service features, and get motivated to buy your product/service.

You must have a user-friendly and trustworthy website for visitors. To run a business for a longer period it is required to build customer trust.

Below are tips to improve your website usability & trustworthiness:

  • The navigation system on your website has to be very simple and clear to understand.
  • Include testimonials on your website which will help other customers to consider buying the product from your website.
  • Please do not forget to keep a secure website symbol (SSL). This helps increase the trustworthiness of your website.
  • Site-map is a must, as the users and search engine spiders prefer them to navigate around.
  • Make sure to write the content in understandable language so that everyone can understand what are you presenting
  • Page loading speed should not be slow because not everyone has that much patience to wait. The slow loading speed will tend to customers to leave your website.
  • Make sure to add a call-to-action button at appropriate places.
  • Make effective use of colors, typography, and white spacing.
  • Make the right set-off of images, videos, audios, links, and text.

3. Prioritize Customer Support

In today’s world of business prioritizing, customer service should be the main motto of the company. Customers have several issues, pre-purchasing, and post purchasing that has to be sorted at any cost to build a trustworthy environment.

  • Inbuilt live chat option on your website will help your customer to sort their queries on the spot
  • Click to call feature again gives the best result to sort the customer’s query because most of the customers believe in to sort things on call instead of chatting.
  • Integrating an online contact/quote form is a must for a website.
  • Setup a google my business account and enable the messaging option
  • Provide great customer service and set up an auto-respond to email which says thank you for reaching us. We will get back to you within 2 working days.

To create a huge difference and to cope up with your competitors it is required to work on small things that add quality to your business.

4. Provide Special Offers

Psychological study says that customers give priority to the product which is in the sale or have a very good offer deal. Customers wait for the seasonal sale if they are willing to buy any expensive product. That is the best opportunity to make a best marketing strategy with the best offer deals and discounts. Providing voucher, cashback or coupons provides the best results and increase your sales

There are many different schemes and ideas out there to make a special offers marketing strategy which will help you increase your business (not only traffic but also the conversion rates)


These were the four smart and easy steps to increase and grow your business online. Focusing on the small things can create a huge difference and efficient decision making can help you run your business for a longer period. These steps will help you look different from your competitors.

If you have any idea that requires fewer efforts and creates a huge difference for any business. We would be more than happy to read your ideas too.

Please share your ideas in the comment section which will help others to grow and add values to their business.