Google Teams With Fox News To Provide Latest Updates On Presidential Politics

Post by|GeneralFeb.1.2016

Considering the fact that the American presidential election is round the corner, people across the country are talking extensively about presidential politics. In fact watching presidential debates live on TV remains truly crucial for the American people because through them they can easily enrich their knowledge about different candidates.

Since presidential politics is the talk of the town these days Google- one of the most innovative tech firms in the world teamed up with Fox News a little before the final Republican debate of 2016, in order to provide extensive information to people about this event. The major reason for this unique collaboration is to educate the people effectively about different candidates and party politics they go to polls.

In order to allow people to get most out of this debate, the team combined 3 unique components to it which include-

  • A technique to hear from candidates straight on Google
  • Real-time Google Trends data
  • Questions from important voices of YouTube

Use Google for hearing from candidates

According to reports, the searches associated with presidential politics increase substantially at the time of live debates on TV, as people tend to get more information about the candidates on the web. The reports show 440 percent increase in political search over the internet, which is truly a stunning figure.

But now Google is allowing people to hear straight from the presidential candidates in Google Search results. With the assistance if this feature ( which is truly on an experimental basis) voters are expected to make highly informed decisions during the election. Apart from being really helpful for common people when it comes enhancing their political knowledge, this particular feature also allows candidates to provide their opinion about the issues they failed to discuss during the debate.

Candidates can easily publish relevant photos, videos, and text in order to provide more clarity on all those burning issues for which they did not get enough time during the debate. Once the Republican debate began on Thursday, January 28, 2016, in the US, people across the United States started to search Fox News debate in order to get the response from the candidates.

  • Google Trends

This is another interesting platform for collecting extensive details on latest political developments associated with final Republican presidential debate. Through this platform, you can find out things like questions asked from the candidates and which was the most searched candidate in the earlier debate etc.

In addition, to that, it also allows you to answer the polling questions that matter to you the most. But in order to do so, you have to search for the Fox New debate.

  • Watch the interaction between YouTube voices and presidential candidates

Fox News has been giving a chance to distinguished YouTube voices to interact with presidential candidates since 2008, wherein they get the authority to ask a question to the politicians regarding the issues that really affect them and their communities. This time, around the people who joined the debate, includes Mark Watson, Dulce Candy, Nabela Noor.

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