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Harness the Strength of Social Networks for a Soaring Business

Post by|Social Media Optimization11 April,2014
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The power of social media has been now unleashed completely for businesses to grow. Though in the initial days of the social network boom, people were rather apprehensive about its usage and power; however, with time, this apprehension has given way to loads of opportunities that are up for grabs for businesses intending to climb the ladder of success and growth. My intention in writing this blog is to put light on four such important social networks that can aid in accentuating your businesses to new heights. Let me take you through them one by one.

Power of LinkedIn

Being a network that is targeted at professionals associations, LinkedIn is our favorite when it comes to business leads and connections. Though this network allows you to build your profile just as some other social mediums, the beauty of LinkedIn lies in the aspect that it has a professional touch.

I was especially benefited by the community building aspect of LinkedIn. The number of groups pertaining to your domain are just amazing to make new contacts that can be helpful for your business growth. Further, you can also avail of fresh and experienced recruits with ease on this network. The question and answer aspect helps in understanding business insights from others who are experienced. Most importantly, all this requires minimal or no investment at all.

Benefits of Facebook

Facebook ranks at the top when we consider number of active users. This aspect in itself is important for visibility of your brand. When you have a well developed Facebook Fan page, connecting with people becomes easy. Once you have loads of connections and fans for your page, converting them into clients becomes easier.

The important point to remember is brisk response. People love when their queries are responded to and develop a liking for the brand. The kind of engagement you can expect from Facebook Fan pages will act as a booster for your business and it will soar like never before.

Use of Twitter

When we speak about Twitter, it differentiates from other social networks with its ability of being a vehicle for engaging in dialog. It acts as one of the important avenues for broadcasting you messages which are called Tweets here. Instant response is an aspect that you will love. These responses form the base for planning your moves related to business growth. Millions tweet on this network daily and if you are able to harness the strength of this social media network, nothing can stop your business from soaring.

Utilization of WhatsApp for business growth

This is the latest entrant to the vast world of social networking. This network proves the immense power of connections and messaging. Though the medium is devoid of any advertisement, it has already evoked a storm amongst users and businesses alike.

                       “Leverage the Power of Connectivity using WhatsApp”

You need to keep in mind that messaging via mobile phones is done in billions and this activity itself is beneficial for businesses. Though you are not allowed to advertise, you can structure this smartly and send it across to your target group.

All the above mentioned social networks can go a long way in success for your business. The combined efforts of these big four can lead to taking your brand to greener pastures. However, utilizing them correctly is important.

To sum up, People all across the globe are hooked onto different social networks regularly. All this makes it imperative for businesses to stay in sync with times and have their presence on these networks if they intend to grow the digital presence. The four networks mentioned herewith along with others are important tools in your armor for a soaring business.

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