React JS, and its frontend development libraries have grown into a solid and stable Javascript framework since
its launch in 2013. Many React JS Developers for Hire, and other technical leaders find it easier to develop a
mobile application using React JS.

React JS is easy to use and can logically break down complex UIs into components. This frontend framework and
library allow developers to combine the efficiency and speed of

JavaScript for manipulating the DOM to build highly responsive and dynamic web and mobile applications.

However, even though React JS enables building complex frontend applications easily, this ease comes with a cost
if developers make errors while creating the front end. In addition, while developing or expanding a React JS
code for the app, you might experience issues with app loading time, integrating APIs, app performance, SEO, and
more, especially if you are a beginner.

In this article, we’ve compiled some common issues to troubleshoot when developing React JS code and how Hire
React JS Developer is the ultimate solution to resolve the same problems.

1. Importance of React JS for Website Frontend

Web and mobile application development has become so easy with React JS. This frontend framework and library have
become a new favourite of web developers due to their impeccable features.

Easier to Learn

React JS is an elementary, lightweight library that can help developers with multiple web pages and applications.
In addition, this frontend framework features an easy learning curve, making it comparatively more manageable
for web developers to learn than Angular when using JavaScript. For instance, a developer having cleared the
basics of HTML-CSS and other programming languages can quickly start utilising React JS.

Virtual DOMS

Virtual DOM typically involves representing the DOM kept in the memory and synchronising with the actual DOM
whenever it needs to be updated. Because of this approach, web developers find it easier to abstract out
attribute manipulation, manual DOM updating, and event handling. Moreover, fewer updates are required to achieve
the quickest read or write time, improving performance.

Flexible and Compatible

With React JS frontend framework, web developers get the hang of single technology, enabling them to reuse it
across multiple platforms. Moreover, the modular structure makes it straightforward for the developers to
maintain the application.

The frontend framework of React JS is exceptionally vast, enabling web developers to develop static websites,
mobile applications, desktop solutions, rendering handle servers, and integrate a wide array of advanced
technological concepts with different web solutions.

Reusable Components

React JS allows developers to separate complex UIs into single reusable components that are further from the UI’s
building blocks. You can use these components as a class or primary JavaScript function as a developer. In
addition, React JS components can also be reused in other parts of applications and websites.

2. Common Issues to Troubleshoot in Your React JS Code

Any web developer, especially a newbie, can experience issues when developing React JS code for a web
application. Here listed are the most common problems to troubleshoot in your React JS code:

Bugs in the Frontend

Regarding React JS, different kinds of bugs can infect the front end. Some of these are:

  • User interface bugs imply that something is wrong in the user interface or UI is not looking right.
  • Networking bugs: In such cases, the logic might be correct, but the third-party service behaves opposite
    of what developers expect.
  • Logic bugs: The web application doesn’t behave as the developer expected.
  • Regressions: A feature that worked fine in the past no longer works.

Security threats to the React JS Application

Although React JS is continually being updated and improved, the application still is prone to security threats.

  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): A preparator adds some malicious code to the program being interpreted as
    valid and executed as an essential part of the web app. The malicious code comprises the functionality
    of the application and the user data.
  • Broken Authentication: Poor authorisation is another common security issue in React JS applications. It
    makes it possible for the attacks to hack user credentials and carry out brute-force attacks.
  • SQL Injection: SQL injection exposes the application’s database. A preparator injects harmful SQL code to
    edit data without the user’s permission.

Poor Integration of APIs

Almost every modern application, including React JS, interacts with APIs to meet their data requirements. Things
usually go well, and the developer’s request is returned successfully. But sometimes things don’t go as
expected, and your screen can display 404s, 500s, or 403s errors as returned by the APIs. These errors can
redirect the users to another non-useful web page.

Because of the nature of these responses, handling them in a single place is always ideal. However, managing the
same in a React JS app can be relatively more complicated, with completely different approaches from application
to application.

Search Engine Indexing Issues

Web client-side-based applications can have multiple problems. For instance, React JS apps- single page
applications (SPAs), might look beautiful, work seamlessly, and behave similarly to native apps, but they are
not entirely SEO-friendly.

It happens because search engines see only HTML tags and a few scripts that are supposed to load. So even though
modern search engines can load the code and crawl the website, it’s still quite a slow process.

Long Lists of Items

One of the most common performance problems that one can experience in React JS is a complex and long list of
items. For instance, the application needs many cards composed of images, links, titles, and ratings while being
responsive. As a result, the slowdown on mobile devices and laptops might be noticed quickly.

It happens because React JS needs to observe each change in every element of a specific list. And this entire
process consumes a lot of resources.

3. How can an Experienced React JS Developer Troubleshoot These Issues?

Your best shot to troubleshoot the above-discussed common issues is Hire React JS Developer. All you need to do
is contact ZealousWeb, consult them, and inform them about your requirements, and they will provide you with
React JS developers who are experienced and skilled in resolving React JS code issues.

Developing Responsive React JS App Powered by Cloud Network

The introduction of BaaS by cloud network giants has enabled React JS developers to fasten the application and
web development process. Moreover, one most crucial reasons to Hire React JS developers is that they can develop
responsive React JS applications with minimum to no errors. In addition, they know how to use social media,
cloud storage, and data management for building cloud-network-powered applications.

Testing Application Using App Units and Integration Test Cases

Among many responsibilities of React JS developers, testing applications and integrating test cases using React
testing libraries is vital. An experienced developer will know how to test an application with popular app
units. Moreover, they are experts in performing integration testing to confirm if different parts of a web app
work or integrate them.

Creating an SEO-Friendly Application

If you want to create an SEO-friendly application, your best bet is to Hire React JS Developer. These
professional developers know that when only React JS is used on the front end, search engines tend to see just a
single page for everything, which is bad for the SEO score. Therefore, they build a custom solution or use a
battle-tested solution like React Router when more than one page is needed.

Eliminating the Security Threats to the Application

React JS Developers for Hire will know the best practices to secure React JS applications from security threats.
They usually follow the below-listed practices to eliminate the security threats to the application:

  • Securing basic authentication of React JS app: This is a vital practice to keep the application secure.
    React JS developers at ZealousWeb maintain a secure connection between the server and the client. When
    building the application, they ensure the domain header has a realm attribute.
  • Resilient HTML code: An React JS application will require HTML to render it; therefore, developers ensure
    their HTML code is not vulnerable. They create a resilient HTML code by disabling HTML markups, using
    escape characters, and utilising other practices.
  • Securing React JS APIs: React JS APIs allow connections between the application and other services,
    exposing the app to XSS and SQL injection. A react JS developer will mitigate this vulnerability by
    validating all the API functions according to their API schemas.

Estimated Cost of Hiring a React JS Developer

You should research the average cost if looking for React JS Developers for Hire to develop a web application.
And several factors like project size, recruitment model, geographical location, services, and experience affect
the cost of hiring a React JS developer.

For instance, a developer having more experience will cost more. For example, the Junior React JS
developer’s hourly rate in North America is $61-$80. On the other hand, a senior React JS developer
can charge
$121-$140 per hour.

ZealousWeb is a recognised company offering robust React JS Development Services to clients. You can contact the
company for full-time or part-time React JS developers. Talking about the cost, ZealousWeb analyses your goals,
expectations, and requirements before offering you a cost estimate.

4. Conclusion

React JS is a popular web development framework allowing developers to build robust websites and applications
with high-end UI. However, inexperienced developers often need help with developing the code for React JS
applications. These issues can include security threats, poor integration of APIs, a long list of items, slower
search engine indexing, wasted renders, and more.

The best solution to troubleshoot these issues is to Hire React JS Developer. A professional React JS developer
has the necessary skills and practical experience to build a highly responsive application. Moreover, they know
the tactics to resolve any issue encountered by the application.

ZealousWeb is backed up by a team of qualified developers capable of delivering impeccable React JS Development
Services. You can interview them and choose the best developer matching your business requirements and budget.