No matter how focused a marketer, salesperson, or entrepreneur you are, you need a life-altering dose of inspiration from time to time to stay motivated. Annual events like INBOUND, not only help release happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine in your body, they feed your brain with exceptional ideas. The ideas that often end up transforming you from deep within and encourage you to give your best shot in every single initiative that you take.

Held by HubSpot each year since 2012, INBOUND is an annual event, specially designed for sales and marketing professionals. From awe-inspiring interactive sessions to sensational night parties, INBOUND is the perfect combination of inspiration and entertainment. It’s an event that every single marketer and salesperson across the globe looks forward to attending. 

Covered by some of the most distinguished media personalities across the planet, INBOUND manages to attract attendees from over 110 nations.

There is a lot that we can discuss regarding this event, but in this post, our primary focus is to highlight how INBOUND 2019 was different from INBOUND 2018.

Here are distinguishing attributes that differentiate this years’ event from 2018.

HubSpot Launched a New App Marketplace

The organizer of INBOUND, HubSpot gave stunning news to the audience by launching a new app marketplace. This platform makes it possible for HubSpot users to access third-party tools. They can integrate those tools with their accounts. Businesses can use this platform for offering pricing information. Besides, they can also use it for demo videos and data flow structure.

A More Diverse Choice of Speakers

From keynote speakers to spotlight speakers, the organizers’ choice for orators was a little different this time when compared to 2018. Although the total number of speakers were nearly the same, the industries they belonged to were more diverse this year.

If you can relate the meaning of the term cosmopolitan in the context of business, INBOUND 2019 managed to draw speakers from more industries. It successfully created a more cosmopolitan business culture this year. From world-renowned singers, comedians, producers, authors, and journalists to veteran business leaders, 2019’s speakers’ list has all of them. 

Over 250 speakers from different walks of life brought their vivid visions and imaginations to the INBOUND stage in 2019. From Elizabeth Gilbert ( a highly acclaimed author) and well-known singer Janelle Monae to Reddit & Initialized Capital’s Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian, and HubSpot’s Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, they all shared their marvelous ideas with the audience.

More Learning Opportunities For Digital Marketers

When compared to INBOUND 2019, this year’s event offered better learning opportunities for both inbound and digital marketing professionals. HubSpot managed to invite the best minds from the fields of digital marketing and inbound marketing, who offered the latest insights to attendees during their talk sessions.

Here is a brief account of some of the most spectacular sessions from INBOUND 2019:

  •  6 Amazing HubSpot Conversational Marketing & Sales Strategies That Drive Revenue
  •  The INBOUND Studio with Alexis Ohanian
  • The Growth Show LIVE at the Podcast Lounge with Jen Rubio
  •  INBOUND& AWS: 5 Ways to Use Video to Attract, Engage and Convert More Leads (Vidyard)
  • 5 Things You Need to Do to Create a Category

Better Hospitality

Each year, when HubSpot hosts the INBOUND event, it tries to manage it in a better way when compared to previous years. And it had the same vision for 2019 as well. It was capable of streamlining every single event activity. Talk about the audience, or the speakers, all of them had a fantastic time attending this 4-day long event. Nobody claimed any inconvenience.

From the arrangement of activities at the venue – the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center to the selection of luxury hotels for a discounted rate for the attendees, everything was simply mindblowing.

Since it’s an international event, HubSpot tries to challenge its hospitality standards year after year. With each successive INBOUND event, it strives to create a new benchmark. For example, when compared to 2018, there were a lot of variations in the food.

From gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free food choices to kosher, halal, vegetarian, and vegan diets, everything was available at the venue. The best part was that attendees could get their meals immediately. They did not have to place the order in advance.

Lastly, each session at the event had its beauty. Talk about ‘The Growth Show LIVE at the Podcast Lounge with Jen Rubio,’ ‘The INBOUND Studio with Elizabeth Gilbert, or ‘INBOUND& Porsche: Viewing of the Taycan World Premier,’ attendees enjoyed each of those adrenaline-infused sessions.