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How Is AMP Different From Responsive Web Design?

Post by|Web Development19 October,2016
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AMP, which is the acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages is an initiative that has been started by tech giant Google, wherein the company has used a wide range of optimization techniques when it comes to speeding up the page load time.

In a layman’s terms, Accelerated Mobile Page is an instrumental approach or technique to develop web pages for stable content that load quickly.

There is no denying the fact that both responsive web design and AMP make use of the same programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS when it comes to developing a mobile page, then what makes them different from each other.

Nowadays most of the people across the world prefer to access the internet on their mobile phones. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of the developers to create such websites which can be easily opened by people on their smartphones.

However, slow page load remains the major obstacle for people when it comes to accessing any website on their smartphones. If the website in question is unable to open at once then people tend to exit from it.

A Bit Comprehensive Description Of AMP  

In order to find the solution for the problem of slow page load Google came up with AMP- an incredible initiative which helps in providing quick-loading content for mobile phones. If you are looking forward to providing content to users with a lightning fast speed on their mobile phones then you must use AMP, which also helps in securing the revenue that comes from ads as far as content providers are concerned.

AMP is an extremely powerful version of HTML, which is reduced to essentials in order to provide quality content to smartphone users. The best part of AMP is that it is developed from the ground up when it comes to quickly offering web pages on mobile phones and can function effectively with any existing website. The way AMP works is quite similar to Apple News as well as Facebook Instant and it supports a wide variety of ad networks. Therefore earning money from pageviews becomes quite simple for any website. The only different between AMP and rest of the similar platforms like Apple New and Facebook Instant is that it is an open source platform that means anyone can use it without any problem.

The importance of AMP can be identified or understood by the fact that it has been used by some of the most important media houses like Vox Media, New York Times and The Guardian when it comes to offering highly important content to users with lightening-fast speed.

Today all the companies can easily implement Accelerated Mobile Pages technology when it comes to developing AMP pages for their websites.

Here’s The Major Difference Between AMP & Responsive Web Design

It is completely true that both responsive design and AMP work effectively on mobile phones, however, the fact remains they are used for fulfilling different purposes or goals.

As far as responsive web design is concerned it is nothing but a highly crucial way of planning and designing a website that can be accessed effectively by users on devices like smartphones and desktop computers etc. In layman’s terms, a responsive web design is actually a method of developing powerful websites which can be accessed properly by users on any device. However, Google’s AMP in a stunning web framework which is all about delivering quality content to users with an incredible speed.

Apart from that when it comes to implementing responsive web design on a website you need to re-design the entire website. However, you don’t have to do anything like that as far as the implementation of AMP on an existing website is concerned.

Though it’s entirely correct that responsive web design helps in building quality websites for multiple devices, but AMP remain important because it helps in enhancing the user experience by delivering the content to them with a rapid speed.

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