A big shout out to doctors, surgeons, physicians, therapists, nutritionists, dentists, radiologists, and others – how strongly and confidently you rely on local SEO? If you feel doing an SEO is a tough or time-consuming task, here we present the best of the bests place that requires absolutely no IT knowledge and still helps you get searched faster and easier on SERPs. Yes, we are referring to none other than Google My Business.

Google My Business is one of the Google-owned properties, similar to, Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps, etc. Any business having a physical location can easily register and claim its listing on Google My Business. Having a Business Profile on Google can help medical practices appear more credible, answer common questions, and post educational content.

Google My Business For Healthcare Providers And Payers To Promote Products And Practice

Google My Business is an app that you register your Medical Practice, in order to be able to control how it appears on Google. Research shows that complete profiles are twice as likely to be perceived as credible, filling in every section and adding as much information as possible. It encompasses a seamless registration process and is absolutely FREE.

Create And Optimize Your Profile

  • If you have yet not created a profile on Google My Business, here you go.
  • Log in to Google and click on App icons

Google Home Page


  • Select the tab of “Google My Business”

Select GMB

  • Start with inserting your business name

GMB Name

This will be a simple 4-5 steps process wherein you’ll need to submit your business name, address, category and general details. And, the last step would be to request Google to send a verification code on the registered address. It says that the postcard may arrive within 12 days but as per experience it takes 4-5 days to get the code. And, once you enter the code, your profile is LIVE on Google and appears on Map search results.

But, that’s not the end, in fact, the real charm starts now! The very next thing is to optimize your profile. Fill as much details as possible, this includes website URL, clinic timings, contact details (phone, email). Also, as and when your profile grows, it helps users to understand the best times to visit and what are the peak hours.

GMB Popular Times


List all your medical services on your profile so users can get a clear idea on what all offerings they can expect from you. You can also add any extra information that you want your visitors to know and adhere beforehand.

GMB Working Hours

GMB Products

Upload Real Images And Videos

Uploading real images and videos are trust signals for users. You can click pictures of your friendly staff, nurses, midwives, and others, you can also upload pictures outside your practice and inside your practice. If you are running a physical therapy centre, you can upload bite-sized videos of exercises and fitness mantras. However, if you keep any pictures of your patients, it’s advisable to have their consent first.


GMB Gallery

At times, patients also upload pictures to your Google My Business profile. And, those pictures are extremely important as they provide better weightage to your profile. In fact, Google actually measures the ratio between the Owner uploaded photos and patient uploaded photos.

GMB Add Photo


You can even request your patients to upload video testimonials if they are willing to do it.

Connect Website With CTA

In Local SEO, all exercises are done to boost your search impressions organically on local search results and drive traffic to your website. With an active profile on Google My Business, you must connect your website with relevant CTAs like “Book an appointment”, “Call Now”, etc.

Having an option to book appointments online via GMB provides ease to the patients. Further, if you have this set up, you will not be missing out on some appointments from local patients.

Use Q/A Feature

Google My Business also provides a Question and Answer feature wherein users can directly post their questions and from your business profile, any person representing your practice can provide proper response.

GMB Question & Answer

Gain High-Quality Reviews In A Good Quantity

Whatever business you may be in, reviews are of utmost importance. When it comes to the healthcare industry, patients’ feedback provides valuable information about what patients and service users think about the healthcare services offered. Ask your patients to provide appropriate reviews and ratings on your GMB profile.

Review management is highly important to ensure better online reputation management. Respond to each and every review, especially negative ones first. Constructive feedback is also needed for any practice to excel in providing best-possible care. You will discover areas of concern where improvements can be made through honest review and ratings.

Do you know Google analyzes the keywords in your Review and puts a significant effect on how you rank for those keywords? (See bold fonts in the below screenshot)

Post Regularly

Well, creating a profile is the first step, optimizing the profile is a crucial step and keeping it active is an ongoing process. Try to post educational content at least once a week. It helps users to stay informed about the latest health trends and news. Here’s how they would be able to see your posts when they will peep into your Google My Business profile.

Do Not Create Multiple Listings

This is a very crucial thing, do not ever create multiple listings for the same business, same location, as they will end up competing with each other. In addition, chances are high that Google will suspend your accounts for this. And, when Google suspends your account, it is quite challenging (and unsure) to retrieve it. Everything gets locked off, including your reviews too!

Signing Off!

Last but not least, one of the best features Google My Business provides to promote your practice (or any business) is it includes a Free Google Business Website. So, if you do not have a professional website, you can still reap the benefits of the same. So, what are you waiting for? Just login to Google, create your profile and follow these super simple tips to get your medical practice on the first page of Google.