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How To Make User Experience Better For Your Mobile Users?

Post by|Mobile Apps5 April,2016
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Looking at the growing rate of mobile users in the entire world, it seems pretty obvious that the smart phone and other mobile devices are soon going to be the main hotspot for the marketing companies. The dwindling numbers of desktop users is compelling companies to take their online business to the mobile world. No doubt, if you want to get more customers for your business, then you have to get a mobile friendly web development firm for your business. But, getting a mobile friendly or responsive website is not enough.

If you truly want to cash in the huge potential of this growing market then you have to make sure the mobile website of your business looks fabulous as well as enticing for your audience. So, in order to achieve this, there are certain points or aspects you need to consider.

If you follow these points while developing the mobile user interface, then your visitors will surely turn into sure shot sales. It is all about providing a better user experience with the interface of your mobile friendly website.

About making better mobile UX

1. Simple menus and navigation

Content of your mobile website has to be really crisp and informative. Since mobile devices are used for seeking information even when you are moving, therefore, you need to design and create the content in a way that it should instantly connect with the reader. The gestures based interface would be more helpful in this regard.

In addition, make sure that the directions for browsing through the elements of the pages are very clear. So, the interface should be really simple, making navigation easy for the users.

2. Consistent performance

Some mobile apps and websites work quite brilliantly in the beginning. However, as the most amount of traffic starts flowing through it, the performance of the same degrades. So, this should not happen in any case; otherwise, people would rate your app as terrible, and it will surely create a bad image of your brand.

Hence, it is essential to constantly monitor the performance of your mobile website or app.

3. No Ads Please

Ads can really annoy the mobile users, and a mobile website or app filled with ads can be perceived as a low quality one. Since the size of the screen of any normal smartphone remains between 4 and 6 inches, therefore sometimes it becomes difficult for the user to tap on the right spot. If your mobile website is filled with ads, then it would get even more difficult and hence will annoy the users. So, keep your mobile apps or websites free from ads.

4. Consider the action of touch

When designing the user interface of your mobile website or app, you certainly have to consider the fact that the users are going to tap or touch on the screen. Therefore, the attributes or elements of the interface, such as button, drop down menu, etc. are clear and large enough to be touched. Basically, you have to think from the viewpoint of a normal user, and take into account all kinds of fingers.

5. Allow login into social media sites

Signing up is certainly an annoying task to do, and when using mobile phones for the same, it becomes even more difficult. So, when your users need to sign up for something, make sure the interface of your mobile app or website offers the functionality of social media login, such as Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo.

6. Utilization of Auto completes and Defaults

If you make things easier for your users while they surf through your mobile website or mobile app, they are definitely going to love it. So, the application of defaults and auto completes is quite necessary in making the user experience more pleasurable.

7. Feedback and rating

Feedback is always helpful in knowing and understanding the areas where you are lacking. So, if you allow your users or visitors to rate your mobile app or website, it will surely help you create better things. Their feedback and suggestions can be highly useful in creating a really good app for your business.

Their experience can be valuable in motivating you for coming up with something even better. So, those were some of the main factors that matter is making the user experience better.

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