Nowadays, customers hate to enter passwords every time they visit the website. That’s why customers choose social media to log-in with a website. Unfortunately, Magento does not provide this kind of functionality. Meet the Zealousweb Apple Sign In for Magento 2. A brand new module to improve the customer experience and log-in/registration process. This extension will allow users to log in/sign up with their Apple account. With the Apple sign-in extension, you can drastically improve the customer traffic on websites by giving them the flexibility of the log-in/register process using their apple account.

Apple Sign In extension supports the most secure 2-factor authentication, which helps to gain customer’s trust. Users can log in/Register from the log-in page or checkout page using an Apple account with this extension.

Furthermore, the customers who hate filling the registration form will exit from your website as soon as they see the long registration form and process. This extension will short the registration process and increase the customer registration rate.

This post will describe the extension’s features list and how this extension will work with Magento 2.


  • Ability to Enable/Disable extension from the backend
  • Log in/Register with the “Sign In With Apple” option from the log-in & checkout page.
  • Support 2-factor authentication
  • Allow adding default value of custom customer attributes
  • Allow prospects to design log-in buttons
  • Show Apple icon in the customer grid for those users who registered with Apple.
  • Allow one-click log-in pop-up.
  • Fully compatible with Zealousweb GDPR

Installation Steps

Step1: Please make sure your “app” folder has enough write permission.

Step2: Extract the zip file and upload all the files under app/code/Zealousweb/AppleLogin.

Step3: Log-in to the SSH and go to the Magento root directory and run the below commands in the given order.

  • php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy [YOUR_LOCALE] -f
  • chmod -R 0777 var/ generated/ pub/static

How To Use

Once you completely installed the extension. You need to add the necessary configuration to the admin area. To access the configuration page, you can follow the below steps.

Store > Configuration > Zealousweb Extension > Apple Sign Up

You will be asked to enter the client id, Key id, Issuer id, and Auth key file. You will find all those details in your apple developer account.

Add all the required information and save the configuration. Once you are done with all the changes, please do not forget to refresh the cache.



Once you save all the settings, customers will see the Apple log-in button on the log-in page and checkout page. Customers will also see the button on the checkout page’s log-in pop-up and if the cart page log-in pops up also if guest checkout is disabled.



customer login

shipping address

There are several options in admin to manage button text, color, icon image, etc. You can also define the position of the button like left, right, and center. Admin will have the option to show either button or icon.


layout setting

Apple sign-in extension supports two-factor authentication. So once a user clicks on the sign-in button and enters the email address associated with the apple account, He/She will be asked to enter a two-factor authentication code to process further. You need to configure the two-factor authentication from the Apple developer account.



customer sign in

apple sign in

Apple sign in extension also provides the one-click log-in. Once the user clicks on the header’s log-in link, A pop-up to log in will be displayed on the same page. Users can log in via his/her email and password or using the Apple account. Admin can easily enable/disable this option from the admin area.

Recent Updates

Apple Sign In V 1.0.3

  • Added compatibility for Magento 2.4.1
  • Added one-click registration
  • Added Apple log-in button on the checkout page once the user enters registered email
  • Added button design options

Apple Sign In V 1.0.0

  • Add option to add custom attribute’s default value.
  • Initial Release.


  • The main advantage of social log-in is it offers a quick & easy registration process.
  • Increase rate of account creation.
  • An effective service is it puts an end to the headache of remembering passwords.

Account & Pricing

To use this extension, you need an Apple developer account. It will cost you $99 per year. There are no other charges to use this extension.

Final Words

Apple sign in extension from Zealousweb will add the missing functionality of social log-in to the default Magento. This extension will improve the customer experience and save time for the customer. It will help customers to get rid of entering the password every time.

One of the significant benefits of this extension is it allows you to add default values of custom attributes or require attributes. Sometimes, due to Apple accounts’ privacy, we can’t find all users’ required information. In this case, the default value will be used and continue the log-in/registration process.