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Advance search with Autocomplete suggestions extension lets you instantly deliver most relevant search results, thus helping your customers quickly find the products they need.

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Product findability is the key factor of Success in E-commerce site. Customers are accustomed to finding results quickly and (mainly) accurately from search engines, and will expect a similar experience on e-commerce sites.

Often users don’t know exactly how to spell a name of a particular product. That’s why searching tips help them greatly to enter the proper search phrase and eventually find what they are looking for. Advance search with Autocomplete suggestions extension lets you instantly deliver most relevant search results, thus helping your customers quickly find the products they need.

This extension is simple to setup and provides advance feature to search your entire product catalog. This make sure that your customers see only the most relevant results when they search for any keyword. Along with search, extension also provide the autocomplete suggestion of search, which make easy for the user to search for specific product. On top of all feature, this extension also provide the autocomplete search suggestion in admin also, helping administrator to manage product more easily.

Advance Search with Autocomplete Suggestions also includes the following useful features.

Extension Key Features:

1. Priority attributes - the king of search features, this allows you to assign Priority values to searchable attributes to order their importance. At the same time you can improve search process by setting search priority for attributes.

2. Sophisticated Autocomplete and Autosuggest features with AngularJS.

3. Increase sales with more relevant search results.

4. Choose the search operate you prefer - Magento advance search module enables you select the search operate you prefer – ‘OR’ or ‘AND’. Please feel free to choose the one which suits you best.

5. Highlight the searched words in the results.

6. Multiple layout with 'List' or 'Grid' choose the one which suits you best.

7. Autocomplete suggestion in admin for the search of Orders. Customers and products.

Priority Attributes

Priority attributes are the key to dialing in your search results just how you want them. This magento extension puts the power in your hands and allows you to decide which attributes are more important. For example, if product name and brand are more important than text found in the description, simply assign those attributes a higher Priority.

AutoComplete Suggestions

Auto complete feature now includes frequently used words and phrases and is a complete overhaul of the default Magento functionality. The Advanced Search extension uses a smart algorithm to build phrases consisting of up to 3 words by default (this is a configurable option). Our auto suggest feature automatically offers the best suggested phrase in case of a typo or a bad search term. This increases the likelihood that user will find what they are looking for and provides great product discovery opportunities.

Search Operate

By default, when user enters multiple keywords in the search box, Magento searches for products containing ANY of the search keywords. This often leads to search results which do not accurately show what users are really looking for. As an example, a user is searching for red shoes and enters "red shoes" as their search term. Default Magento search will find everything that contains word "red" and everything that contains word "shoes".


This Magento extension modifies the default search behavior to show only products that contain ALL search keywords. Going back the example above, this mean users will see only products that have both "red" and "shoes" in the product title or description. This leads to more accurate search results, happier customers and more orders!

Fast and convenient search

  • Powered with Angular JS - Magento Search Autocomplete makes your store search much faster as it is Angular JS based and doesn’t load your full database of products, only those that have been matched.
  • Open search result link in a new window - Product page will be opened in a new window will be refreshed after a customer clicks the required product link in the drop down list.
  • Limit items displayed in the drop down list - You can specify the number of products to be displayed in search results list. To see all products that match search terms, visitors should click the "View All" button.

Installation Steps

Step 1. Check Permissions.

Make sure the ''app'', ''js'', ''lib'' and ''skin'' directories of your Magento and all directories inside it have full written permissions or set permissions on the each directory equal to 777 or 0777.

Important! Change all permissions back after installation.

Step 2. Upload files.

Unzip and upload all content of the extension folder to the root folder of your Magento website using FTP client. On the request whether existing files (folders) should be replaced – select Yes.

In case you use non-default package for your design and skin, please upload all the files in theme package folder.

Step 3. Clear Cache.

Update cache in case it is enabled. (System ? Cache Management).

Step 4. Re-login.

Log out and Log in back into Magento admin panel (back office).

Congratulations, the installation was successful!

In case you face any problems during the installation, please use Contact us Form or let Zealousweb team help you with installation (paid service).

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