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This extension provides an additional features of managing the most viewed products along with keeping track of customers.

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“Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed Plus” provides an additional features of managing the most viewed products along with keeping track of customers’ shopping trends and based on those statistics it improves cross-selling mechanism. This extension will suggest your site visitors with products which were mostly explored by other customers. These suggestions display on product pages that are based on the current product. For an example - suppose you have product A and out of 60 visitors who viewed this product, 20 visitors moved to another product B, 10 to product C, and remaining 30 visitors moved to product D. This Extension will then display Product C and B in “Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed”. The important point is that it only shows those products which were mostly viewed and the most viewed comes in the first place. This ensures efficient performance and criteria of suggested products on your site because most of the customers consider only top visited or reviewed products.

“Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed Plus” Provides an additional feature like sorting and ordering the display of products inside the block, One can display the block in Left/Right sidebar. Also as we are logging the activities for each and every user, the DB gets loaded heavily and might impact to the speed and processing, thus we have provided an option to set the cron Jobs timing to clear the logs.

Extension Key Features:

1. Enabled:- You can enable or disable extension by selecting Yes/No options.

2. Title:- You can customize the block heading with your own choice. It is required field with Magento default validation.

3. Maximum product count to display:- You can set a limit of the number of products that will be displayed in a block. It is required and only integer digits are allowed.

4. Show In-Stock products only:- You can set the products which appear in the “Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed” should be filtered by their stock status, such as display only those products which are “in stock” or “out of stock” that is Independent from back-order functionality.

5. Show categories products only:- You can select to show products in this block from just a current product category or multiple product categories.

6. The ability to insert CWVTIAV as block with parameters in WYSYWIG-editor only on Product detail page, such as :

{{ block type="whoalsoview/Whoalsoview" name="custom_mostviewed" as="custom_mostviewed" template="whoalsoview/mostviewed.phtml" }}

7. Display in:- You can have a choice of display products in sidebar or in default layout (below product detail page) options.

8. Sort By:- You can have a choice of display products with sort by Price or Name options.

9. Order By:- You can have a choice of display products with order by Ascending or Descending options.

10. Cron Schedule:- You can schedule the time of cron file to clear data which are 30 days older to smooth database operation and displaying fresh data only.


Installation Steps

Step 1. Check Permissions.

Make sure the ''app'', ''js'', ''lib'' and ''skin'' directories of your Magento and all directories inside it have full written permissions or set permissions on the each directory equal to 777 or 0777.

Important! Change all permissions back after installation.

Step 2. Upload files.

Unzip and upload all content of the extension folder to the root folder of your Magento website using FTP client. On the request whether existing files (folders) should be replaced – select Yes.

In case you use non-default package for your design and skin, please upload all the files in theme package folder.

Step 3. Clear Cache.

Update cache in case it is enabled. (System ? Cache Management).

Step 4. Re-login.

Log out and Log in back into Magento admin panel (back office).

Step 5. Use extension.

Afterwards, News item should appear in the top menu.

Congratulations, the installation was successful!

In case you face any problems during the installation, please use Contact us Form or let Zealouseweb team help you with installation (paid service).

Step 6. Set up cron:

If the Site traffic is more, the database is loaded with lots of data, so in that case we need to flush some of the records at some specific time to make the site work faster. “Customer Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed” extension uses Cron for maintain a collection of database. It deletes all the old records before 30 days from current date to have a quick database operation. For that one need to create a Cron Job on the Server that execute below file.

Code directory:



Example to set the Cron On Cpanel:

Docs & Articles

For any questions concerning free extensions or themes, please turn to the respective User Guide


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