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CE 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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Language Translator extension uses Google Translate and allows users to translate the store content into more than 75 languages. With the help of multiple languages, the store owner can target more customers around the world. This extension will use Google Translator to translate the language used in the website content. This way website administrators do not have to manage multiple store views for Magento 2.

And, multilingual stores have a competitive advantage over their rivals in expanding their business to new countries. It is a common fact that most people around the globe prefer reading in their mother language when surfing websites. Having a multilingual website helps business to expand beyond geographies. Translating your e-store or website can also help in the localization of your brand and build credibility. All this is now possible with Language Translator. With Language Translator Extension, Admin can easily choose languages to display on the website and can also add custom style for the drop-down menu of the translator. Click here to see supported languages for Google Translator


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