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The Price Negotiation Extension from Zealousweb helps store owners to negotiate product prices, enabling them to make more purchases. Customers can negotiate product prices right from the product list page or product detail page. This module notifies the customer when their negotiation offer is accepted, rejected, or re-offered via e-mail. The primary goal of this extension for Magento is to deliver a good customer experience using the e-commerce platform.

The Price Negotiation Extension is an effective technical solution for your web store that encourages customers to buy more products from your store by negotiating its price.

To use this extension for Magento, the admin must enable the extension from the store configuration. Once the extension has been enabled, the admin can select the product that displays a price negotiation button. Additionally, the admin can display a “Price Negotiate” button based on the chosen scope depending on the rules created or Product Specific. The admin can create rules to show the “Price Negotiate” button. Also, the admin can offer a “Price Negotiate” button for the specific product. This will apply only to configurable and simple types of products.



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