The next time you stream a movie on Netflix or make a purchase at IKEA, recall that these names are one of 70,000+ website built in Craft CMS globally.

What’s excellent about Craft CMS is that it doesn’t impose any restrictions on developers. Out of a pool of 150+ CMS platforms, a handful of few let you do your own thing without making assumptions about the content or restricting you in terms of code.

Back in 2015, when Craft was announced as the best CMS for developers, I can think of three things why Craft CMS was crowned the winner;

  • Lightweight
  • Secure
  • Flexible

Founded by Brandon Kelly and created by Pixel & Tonic, Craft CMS caters to small and medium-sized businesses. It is not something different from other CMS, rather an addition to the CMS pool – it is a refreshing upgrade where developers are more at ease and find extensive flexibility.

Why Should You Migrate To Craft CMS?

Let’s narrow it to a few essential factors that will make you make that shift happen:

1) Easy To Work With

Craft CMS is built on the Yii framework and powered by PHP 7 and draws data-related power from MySQL and PostgreSQL. This tech specification gives it the ultimate ability to design and develop scalable websites from simple to complex and vice versa.

Right from the time you set-up your website to the time you make modifications, Craft CMS is easy to work with and lets you glide through without too much trouble.

What’s excellent about Craft CMS is that it can transit between a large database website and a simple website quickly without any collateral damage.

In case you have any doubts about hiring a Craft CMS developer and trust that you can do it yourself since it is easy to work with, you can navigate to the website and try a free demo of working with a Craft website. Now, this will help you visualize and estimate how easily you can glide through each aspect of your website before considering any hiring.

2) Craft CMS Is Extraordinarily Flexible

Craft CMS is built on the YII framework and leverage Craft API to either create modules or plugins that facilitate vivid functionality.

Here, you must pay attention to modules, since they are an effective way of enhancing functionality without having to change the source code.

On the other hand, Plugins are similar to modules, but we can integrate, disable or even remove them as we please.

The benefit of these two is that they have complete access over Craft and YII’s API, giving you benefits from the YII community.

3) Unparalleled Author Experience

Broadly, the whole CMS is divided into Fields and Sections where all the entries are added and controlled by the content managers. Updating your blog content is a strong content marketing strategy, and Craft CMS lets you leverage it by editing the version of content and even going back to the previous version – in case of a blunder.

With never-before features like content localization, hosting multiple websites, and built-in features, Craft CMS is all ready to provide you with the best parts in the CMS arena.

It is a known fact that Craft is famous for its flexibility and allows developers to move out of the set ways and try their hands liberally.

4) Craft’s Community

Just as WordPress has its community of developers across the world, Craft CMS also has its legion. It is undoubtedly not as vast as WordPress but having a group of people to support you during your troubles is always helpful.

Be it Stack Exchange or Discord; you’ll find the Craft CMS community active on multiple forums and platforms asking and answering questions.

In fact, it is a boon for novice developers where question are inevitable, and the Craft CMS quickly answers them to encourage such growth.

5) Price

For a small website with decent features, Craft CMS is completely free! Now, if you’re hiring a Craft CMS developer for a highly-functional website, then you begin by making payments of $299 per project only for the first year, later you only pay $59, and you don’t have to pay for updates.

For us, this is a reasonably priced payment model since you don’t have to pay up for any unforeseen charges later. It is all up-front!

Wrapping Up

This 2021, hire a Craft CMS developer for your migration because Craft has the best features that promise you a unique website with great features and functionality.

Craft CMS currently stands in the top left corner of the graph, suggesting that it provides cutting-edge solutions as a marginalized price.

You can always get in touch with our consulting team to talk out the details of moving ahead with Craft CMS instead of your current CMS. Get in touch with your expert team to solve your dilemma.