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Mobile App Testing – Take A Look At Its Significance & Benefits

Post by|Mobile Apps4 May,2017
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The mobile app development industry is growing at a rapid speed and the credit goes to developers who are coming up with stunning mobile apps each new day that offer amazing user experience. People prefer to use mobile apps to carry out their tasks online because it offers them enormous convenience. Mobile apps are really important for businesses and individuals if they want to reach maximum people and grow their business.

It’s completely true that people are accessing the internet more through their mobile phones when compared to laptops and desktop computers because phones are easier to handle and convenient to carry. You may find it difficult to travel in a bus with your laptop but that won’t be the case with your smartphone.

It means, you can easily carry your mobile phone wherever you want and use it anytime to access the internet. For example, even if you are waiting for a bus or a train in the station you can easily search different things on your mobile phone, but the same won’t be that convenient if you use a bulky device like a laptop. You surely cannot use a laptop effectively if you are standing in a crowded place, however, when it comes to using smartphones in such places you will never face any issues.

As mobile apps are becoming extremely common among people the competition among mobile app development companies is also growing tremendously. Today everyone want’s to use a quality app, so you must know how to make your app unique and functional.

One of the most important steps in the development of a mobile application is the mobile app testing. It helps in finding out the potential issues with the application which can otherwise create a bad impression among the users.

So let’s throw some light on the importance of mobile app testing. Why exactly you need to test your app before it rolls out in the market?

Benefits Of Mobile App Testing

All the successful apps are developed with a good concept and development techniques, however, if you are not aware of all those techniques you won’t be able to create an effective application that will experience millions of downloads. It means apart from planning and having an excellent idea, you should also focus on quality assurance. Yes once your app is developed you have to test its features and functionality to so that you can be sure about how it actually works.

There is a simple concept behind carrying out mobile app testing and that is, before your users find the problems with your app, it’s better you identify all the important issues with it so that you can create a good impression among them. So find out if there is any problem with the functions and features of your app or not. If in case you find out a certain problem, make sure that you fix it effectively. A good app is the one which is tested multiple times before it reaches the app store.

So if you do not want customers to give negative reviews about your app, make sure that you test it effectively. Finding out all the faults in it and fixing them properly can help you in rolling out an app that is loved by users like anything.

Here’s are those things that you need to test before you release your app in the market.

Carry Out Unit Tests

If you are looking forward to developing an application that has seamless design and that performs effectively under different circumstances, then you must conduct Unit Tests. These tests are performed in the beginning when you are still writing the code for your application. It helps in developing an amazing design and makes you understand the technicalities of how your code will eventually perform in different conditions. No matter whether you become successful in it or not, it will teach you a lot of things. If in case the code written by you is unable to function effectively under different conditions, then you surely need to make required changes to it.

In this way, it helps in telling you a lot about the code when you are still writing it and before it’s too late you can actually fix the problem.

Make Sure That You Perform Load Performance Testing

It’s extremely important for mobile app development companies to carry out the load performance tests if they want to offer a powerful app to the users. It helps in identifying how much pressure or load your app can handle. If in case your app fails to handle the amount of load that you have imagined for it, then you can fix this problem well in advance. Apart from that, if you feel that your app can’t handle more load, you can avoid the mistake of making false promises to the customers.

Functional User Interaction Tests Are Also Important

If you want to identify whether the touch guestures like press, drag and drop, zoom, rotate and swipe etc., are functioning properly or not, then you must perform Functional User Interaction Tests. This will help you understand, how beautifully your app is working and if it’s not then you can obviously make the necessary changes to it.

Carry Out Visual Tests

Visual tests are important to identify the problems associated with the visual appeal of your application. No one wants to roll-out an app that fails to match a certain level of visual appeal which is important for satisfying the customers.

When it comes to testing an app you can either opt for cloud-based mobile testing or you can make use of emulators and physical devices.

In short, you have to have an app which looks stunning apart from performing effectively so, test it properly before you release it to the app store.

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