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Mobile Commerce – Emerging trends in 2017

Post by|Mobile Apps21 April,2017
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Today, the world has switched over to the mobile phones and the users have become mobile savvy in every sense. Whatever they want, they can access on their mobile phones. The smartphones have brought infinite advantages to the users in the form of mobility that enable them to use their phones to do almost any kind of work. They can book tickets, book a table in a restaurant, shop almost everything, and lots more. So, the smartphones have taken over the latest commerce trends in the market.

The rapidly developing mobile technologies have brought the mobile commerce trends recently, and they continue to grow in 2017. Let us take a look at some of the well-known mobile commerce trends of today.

Mobile Payments

As said earlier, almost every work is being done through the mobile phones. So, is the task of various payments is done on the mobile internet, apps, and SMS. The payment through smartphones has become trendy recently, and it has also increased the sales of various businesses. Different companies and brands have come up with attractive offers to draw several customers and have introduced various payment methods to facilitate them. It has given rise to the m-commerce payment in 2017.

Increase in the SmartPhone Users

The development and emergence of smartphones and their beneficial uses brought an increase in the mobile phone users. The users have increased and are still going on with the increasing number of smartphones. The competition in the market is giving rise to a variety of smartphones, which in turn, are giving rise to the users. So, the trend of increasing cell phone users is emerging in 2017.

SmartPhones Promoting E-Commerce

E-Commerce is emerging through different kinds of channels and smartphones play a vital role in this promotion of e-Commerce. The increasing usage of mobile phones is giving rise to the use of e-Commerce. The figure of this usage is increasing day by day and is promoting e-Commerce on a high level.

B2B Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is not confined to only B2C market but is rapidly growing for B2B marketers also. It means that more and more people are inspired to buy products through B2B channels and it is encouraging the trend of mobile commerce through B2B. It has made an increase in the sales through smartphones and the businesses are also benefited with this trend to a great extent.

Mobile App Market

Mobile commerce is emerging through the use of desktops, mobile browsers, and mobile applications. As we all know, the majority of the desktops have been replaced with mobile apps, and so, the app market is gaining momentum from every angle that, in turn, is promoting the mobile commerce to a great extent. Moreover, various mobile technologies are emerging in this direction to support the trend of mobile commerce applications. The mobile commerce applications development will be more challenging in near future.

Emerging Trends

Mobile e-Commerce trends emerged in 2016, and they are increasing in the year 2017, with the increasing development of mobile technologies. Moreover, the increase in the development of mobile technologies is giving rise to the development of the latest smartphones supporting these technologies. All this, together, is giving rise and support to the emerging trends of 2017.

Mobile Image Recognition (MIR) Technology

The MIR technology allows the user to take a picture of the product from anywhere, in the real world, and then upload it in the mobile MIR-driven app to support comparative shopping for the end users.

Video Content

With the emergence of the smartphones with the latest technologies, the multimedia content is rising and gaining momentum. The multimedia content mainly includes videos and animations which have started attracting huge traffic from the mobile devices. The development of this trend is on such a rise that by 2020, it may grab the attention of more than 80% smartphone users.

Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

The emergence of the augmented reality has brought immersive as well as interactive experiences for the users regarding the products they use. For example, products like VR goggles, headsets, and a lot more in this category give immersive experiences to the users, and they are encouraged to use them through different mediums.

Near Field Communication (NFC) – Enable Payment

NFC technologies are promoting the fastest and the safest way to accomplish your daily transactions through smartphones. The NFC technology has given rise to the smartphones and tablets which have it incorporated in them. It will, in turn, increase the sales, and overall business. So, NFC technology is another emerging mobile commerce trend in 2017.

The rapid usage of smartphones in the day-to-day transactions and the emergence of various mobile technologies as well as the Internet tools along with tech advancements may fuel the rise of m-commerce trends in 2017.

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