10th Anniversary Celebration at ZealousWeb

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Back in 2003 ZealousWeb was built up as a company on a motto of “Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” On 6th November 2013, the ZealousWeb has successfully completed its 10 years and we are proudly celebrating a decade of success based on long lasting relationships with our employees, clients and all those who have been instrumental in the longevity of our growth and success all through these years.

So on this auspicious occasion we decided to add some magic and color by celebrating our ZealousWeb’s 10th anniversary with all the employees as well as their family members. And to make this day more memorable we kept a small entertaining celebration, which included mind boggling speeches by our directors, amazing performances by some of the team members and then award ceremony which was followed by a delicious dinner.


Welcome Note

Welcome speech by Mr. Dhaval Trivedi and Ms. Chitra Pandya

On completing a significant milestone with the blessings of Almighty, ZealousWeb’s 10th Anniversary celebration commenced with the beautiful welcome speech by Mr. Dhaval Trivedi and Ms. Chitra Pandya.

Lamp Lighting

Lamp lighting ceremony    Lamp lighting ceremony

After welcome note, there was a lamp lighting ceremony by Shri. Bharat Bhatt, Smt.Devi Bhatt, Shri. Mahendra Bhatt and Smt. Jyoti Bhatt to symbolize enlightenment, knowledge and experience that drives away all negativity and lightens everything with positivism, love and hope.


Inspirational prayer melodiously sung by Smt.Jyotiben and Chorus Inspirational prayer melodiously sung by Smt.Jyotiben

Lamp lighting was followed by a short inspirational prayer melodiously sung by Smt.Jyotiben and Chorus.

Ganesh Vandana

Ganesh Vandana

After a spiritual prayer service, there was a mesmerizing Ganesh Vandana which was amazingly performed by Dhaval, Dhruvi, Monang, Arvind, Jaspreet, Sagar and Dhara, that left us spellbound.

Introductory speech

Introductory speech by Ms. Chitra Pandya

Chitra Pandya gave an excellent introductory speech which was followed by ‘Ganesh Vandana’. In which she shared about a brief introduction about our program.

10 years journey of ZealousWeb

Journey of ZealousWeb As finally the much awaited moment arrived in our corridors we took time to look back, applaud and reflect ZealousWeb’s journey through the decade. From the first blood we Aim to focus on the journey not towards the destination. The right business name is always an important aspect of Start-up Company’s identity and just because we were “zealous” in our pursuit of completeness we decided to go with the name “ZealousWeb” in the year 2003. Well, www.zealousweb.com was registered on 31st July 2013 at 12:01:19. And Company Name Registration: Proprietorship firm ‘ZealousWeb Technologies’ was registered on 6th Nov 2013.

Journey of ZealousWeb
It all started in a small rented office of approximately 150-200 Sq. Ft. area with a small team. Still we leased an office at another location due to some problems in the previous location. We do believe that there is no short cut in life and there is no substitute for hard work. But it was the high time to hire professionals instead doing it ourselves and so we started hiring professionals and got the first ever international SEO ASP.NET project. Once the project flow started we resume recruiting new faces and working all around the clock for 6 months day-night in the year 2004.

Finally after a long hardcore journey the moment of honoured arrive when we shifted our bags to first ever owned fully furnished office in the year 2005. As our dream journey was progressing towards height we were blessed with some valuable assets to our organization in the form of employees. The list includes of stubborn commander like Mr Arjun Jadeja (Heroic Leader), Tejas Dixit (Marathon Racer), Vikram Rajpurohit (Passionate Operator), Rajnikant Limbachiya (Loved Psyche), Dhaval Trivedi (Schematize Human) and many more.

As the journey was getting exotic we were adored with strategic partners like Avin Kline which helped us to advance our skill set, bringing professional approach towards international market, gave us light towards the importance of accountability and over communication with valuable recognitions. We purchased various offices in the same building with better infrastructure which included 4000+sq Area space, FAST internet lease line connections, Centralize data backup and security, Hi-End designs by interior designers etc…

Navratri celebrationIn the year 2010, first ever leave policy was introduced in our hive and as the year progress in 2011 we launched our first version of mobile app in mobile technology, sticking into same year the first ever Fully AJAX/jQuery based CRM delivered which was another milestone by our crew.

Advancing ahead towards 2012 we believe it was the year of transformation because our team delivered first fully responsive website for our client. Company has added another feather of ISO 9001:2008 Certification for the best work oriented approach to system oriented approach. After hiring a new HR executive the recruitment process was encouraged in a positive manner for our organization.

Zealous LogosLast but not the least in the year 2013 our director Mr Kandarp Bhatt took first ever business trip to USA for meeting our existing clients in person for better understanding and explored the international market more closely to understand the market demand .Our Legal identity of the company was changed to ZealousWeb Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We introduce HR department to formalize the procedures and policies. The hire dedicated model was promoted for the benefit of client and employee both. We also popularized the new review approach for the planning and organized good training sessions through international trainers.

Thus, we started as a small team and by 2013 we are a strong team of more than 80 tenacious employees.

Client Wishes

Client Wishes

We would like to share one of the most emotional and touchy thing with you all is that around 22 of our overseas clients have also sent us their valuable wishes and appreciation via videos. We are very grateful to them for such a beautiful gesture, we really feel blessed because clients are our most valuable asset as well as our best brand ambassadors.

We pay gratitude to all the employees who performed at this juncture and made this event more spectacular by their talents like Singing, Dance and Fashion Show. Really, the celebration was fun to watch…

Dance PerformanceDance PerformanceSinging PerformanceGroup Dance PerformanceGroup Dance PerformanceSinging PerformanceSinging PerformanceGroup Fashion Show
Group Dance Performance


And after completion of celebration, Mr. Vishal Bhatt, the director gave “thanks speech”, in which he thanked all the ZEALOUSCIANS for their support, belief and encouragement on this journey.

ZealousWeb has also organized an Award Distribution Ceremony. Here is the list of awards and its winners:

  • Arjun Jadega got an Attendance Award for his commitment & dedication to excellence and of course 100% attendance.

Arjun Jadega got an Attendance Award

  • Arjun Jadega, Nagraj Dora, Dhaval Trivedi, Pradeep Pachanekar, Rajnikant Limbachiya, Tejas Dixit and Vikram Rajpurohit got Loyalty Award in appreciation of their loyal & dedicated service.Loyalty Award
  • Sneha Zutshi, Kavish Jash and Monang Shah got Newcomer of the Year Award for their willingness to go above and beyond.

Sneha Zutshi got Newcomer Award Kavish Jash got Newcomer Award Monang Shah got Newcomer Award

  • Chintan Dave got a Technical Achievement Award for his commitment and dedication to excellence.

Chintan Dave got a Technical Achievement Award






  • Dharmesh Suhagiya got Helping Hand of the Year Award whose attitude, initiative and performance reflects the spirit of the Company.

Dharmesh Suhagiya got Helping Hand of the Year Award






  • Jatin Patel, Timir Shah, Hasmukh Tank, Sunny Patel and Piyush Patel got Performance of the Year Award in appreciation of exceptional job performance.

Jatin Patel got Performance of the Year Award Timir Shah got Performance of the Year Award Hasmukh Tank got Performance of the Year Award Sunny Patel got Performance of the Year Award Piyush Patel got Performance of the Year Award

  • Pradeep Pachanekar got Creativity of the Year Award for his creative support which has made our company stand above the rest.

Pradeep Pachanekar got Creativity of the Year Award






  • Rajnikant Limbachiya got Customer Service of the Year Award for his outstanding commitment to our customers & willingness to go above & beyond.

Rajnikant Limbachiya got Customer Service of the Year Award

  • Dhruvi Patel got Employee of the Year Award in recognition of her attitude, initiative, diversity & exceptional performance.

Dhruvi Patel got Employee of the Year Award

  • Tejas Dixit got Leadership of the Year Award for outstanding dedication & commitment to excellence in helping us achieve our goals.

Tejas Dixit got Leadership of the Year Award

  • Arjun Jadeja got Employee of the Decade Award in recognition of his attitude, initiative, diversity & exceptional performance for last one decade.

Arjun Jadeja got Employee of the Decade Award

  • Simplythescoop Team got Project Team of the Year Award in recognition of their exceptional performance during project development.

Simplythescoop Team got Project Team of the Year Award

Future of ZealousWeb

Future of ZealousWeb
Lastly, mind blowing as well as the most inspiring speech by Mr. Kandarp Bhatt at the end of the celebration in which he shared his experience and his dream: He said, “TODAY, We will think BIGGER than our size. TODAY, We will REFUSE to accept limitations, TODAY, we will not be HELD back from the past, TODAY, is our day to RISE”.

ZealousWeb Will love to grow as a family rather than an organization, we will like to implement review system in our organization structure with systemize approach which will further improvise us to become a CMM level organization in forthcoming. We are not a true zealot in race of numbers we believe in sterling quality.


Dinner Dinner Group of Children Group of Directors
After this amazing celebration, there was also a dinner party that consisted of varieties of delicious and very well cooked Indian dishes which we had not experienced before and also we enjoyed all of them thoroughly.

Congratulations and heartfelt gratitude to all the Zealouscians upon completion of 10 wonderful years!!!

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