11th Anniversary Celebration of ZealousWeb

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Back in 6th of November 2003 ZealousWeb was built up as a company on a manifesto of delivering exceptional web applications in Web development industry. These moral code is what we believed, to build up a company & 11 years later ZealousWeb is proudly commemorating 11 years of success in Web Arena. Let’s give a big pat on the shoulders of all the ZEALOUSCIANS who has been the integral part of this epic Voyage.

Bags pack (Check!) Here we are as unit ready to spurt for a day cherishing our first ever picnic in span of 11 years of time. Credit goes to our duo-Spearheads Mr. Kandarp Bhatt & Mr. Vishal Bhatt for organizing a well-planned cookout for ZealousWeb team & their families to make this voyage an indelible one. Here we GO!


8 AM-

Entire crew was looking charged up with an energetic mojo of joy & happiness. To add cherry on the cake we planned to en-route togetherness in a specially organized a bus near our premises. Zoom!


9 AM-

Suramya Abode is what we planned up for to dig our bags on; Suramya Abode is located about 15 kilometers (km) before Nal-Sarovar Lake, which in away from the city humdrum & amidst space which breathes. A beautifully laid out green landscape with fully equipped gymnasium, swimming pool, residential rooms & cafeteria which is just the right place to make your picnic a remarkable one.
Suramya Abode

Playing games from the word “Go” was on the cards of our crew. We invested our time in the morning playing back-to-back games like volleyball, Table tennis, Cards, Carom, Cricket, 8-ball pool etc.


The day kicked off with a bang & great jubilation. Yes, we were welcomed with a cuppa & and a breakfast in cafeteria early morning.


Swimming pool was the eye of attraction over the park & you cannot expect our hustlers to meander around the pool doing an eye fishing! Entire team tested out their feet into the square sized swimming pool with loud chorus, thanks god it was shallow!

Swimming Pool

Time for the meal- After enjoying such luscious lunch, the next in the to-do list was a Gujarati Movie named “Beyyaar” into a well-architected movie auditorium.


Time for the awards champions! You can always feel the jitter when we were cutting close towards evening part which was inked for the award ceremony program. Entire crew of ZealousWeb were assembled into an auditorium for the award function. Ceremony was kicked off in a Jordon style with our Director Kandarp Bhatt relishing a quote of great Michael Jordon which says “I can accept failure, but, I can’t accept not trying”. This was a huge moral lift for the entire crew sitting on the couch appreciated with a big round of applause.

Below is the list of Awards and the Winners

Attendance AwardArjun Jadeja & Sunny Patel were awarded with a memento.

Attendance Award_MG_9558

Newcomer of the Year – Out of 8 nominations, Chandan Das, Nirmal Revar and Jimakshi Patel received this award.


Technical Achievemnt Award – Hasmukh Tank from Custom PHP department received the award.

Helping Hand of the YearArvind Hathiya, Dharmesh Suhagia and Pratik Parikh bagged the award in the respective category.


Performance of the Year in the Creative DesignPradeep Pachanekar received this.


Performance of the Year in the Front End DevelopmentMayur Soni received the award.


Performance of the Year in the PHP Custom (Framework &Magento)Monang Shah received the award.


Performance of the Year in PHP Open Source (EE and WP)Cristopher Parmar got the award in the category.


Performance of the Year in .NetRavi Parekh got the award for his best services in the category.


Performance of the Year in Mobile App. DevelopmentAmit Bhavsar received this award.


Performance of the Year Digital MarketingKeyur Prajapati received the prestigious award for his services.


Performance of the Year Sales, Quality Control (QC), and Human Resource (HR) CategoryKavish Jash (Sales) bagged the award for his achievements in the category.

Performance of the Year (Dedicated Hire Model)Paras Pethani (.NET) bagged the award for his achievements in the category.

Project Team of the YearHub Monkey (Mobile) project team received the award.

Project Team of the Year (Hub Monkey)Hasmukh Tank, Ravi Parekh, Vishal Patel, Amit Bhavsar, Nensi Garasiya, Jigar Patel, Nirmal Revar and Arjun Jadeja were announced as team of the year.


Customer Service of the YearDarshit Patel received the award for his extensive Service in Customer service arena.


Leadership of the YearDhaval Trivedi received this award for being a fierce leader.


Employee of the YearArjun Jadeja and Dhruvi Patel received the awarded for being the best employee of the year.


After a successful completion of award function entire crew was requested to enjoy the last meal of the day(Dinner). Yet you can see the award fever was still buzzing on as zealouscians were engaged in taking Selfies & photos of their well-deserved memento & few last moments to wind up this historic day in great fashion.

It was truly a day to earmark. The fun, the food, the awards, everything was simply startling. Congratulations to all the ZEALOUSCIANS and we wish that ZealousWeb would achieve new heights and prosper in the coming years. “THIS MOMENT WE OWN IT”

Check out the photos of the wonderful day we had. Click Here:-

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