12th Anniversary – A Time To Implement Sweeping Changes

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It’s quite common to open wine bottles and enjoy plum cakes during the anniversary celebrations, but there are very few firms which focus towards doing something extraordinary during this unique time or after the successful completion of another amazing year. However, we are really proud to be a part of ZealousWeb Technologies, a firm that constantly works towards the betterment of its employees and business partners, by introducing and implementing cutting-edge technologies and productive as well as constructive strategies.

At the time of ZealousWeb Technologies 12th-anniversary celebrations, the management has decided to introduce a few productive ideas, which hold the potential to enhance our own in-house efficiency, which can eventually help us to provide better services to all our international clients. In other words after the successful completion of 12 valuable and victorious years, the company now wants to stretch its horizon and look way beyond possibilities to find new possibilities in order to enhance its all round development in long terms.

The ideas which can bring sweeping changes in the functioning of the company are described below.

Say Yes To Book-Culture

The company feels that whether they are software developers, designers, writers, SEO analysts, or HR personals etc., all of them have to be fully equipped with latest industry knowledge in order to deliver top-notch services. And that is the reason we are establishing a huge library at our office, wherein it is compulsory for every employee to spend some time in reading relevant books. It would definitely enhance their knowledge and skills, which will eventually allow them to bring unique ideas through their fertile mind. According to researchers, a knowledgeable and updated employee always possess some sort of multitasking skills, which is never a bad thing for a service providing company.
The library will be equipped with books from some of the best authors in the industry.

Plans To Hire Cream Minds From Reputed Colleges

The another crucial strategy that the company is all set to implement in order to drastically increase its productivity graph is to hire fresh and bright candidates from reputed engineering and management colleges. Though the company has always been really particular about hiring talented employees, but approaching reputed institutions for campus placement will surely open a door for welcoming creative and powerful ideas for sustaining and fulfilling its business goals.

Give A Lot of Significance To Meetups & Engagements

Business meetups and engagements have always remained in our list but from this year onwards we are planning to have our presence in more and more conferences and business events held at international level. In fact last year as well we had our team present at ‘Imagine Commerce 2015’ wherein we got the chance to meet our clients and have a face to face interaction with them. This not only gives us a chance to meet industry leaders but allow us to strengthen our business ties with our clients and share latest industry related knowledge with them. In addition to that meetups also prove to be really helpful for improving our knowledge, as representatives of top companies share their growth stories during the event.

In fact, the company is all set to make its presence in ‘Imagine Commerce 2016’, which will be held in coming April. The company if fully ready to enhance its network and share game-changing ideas with business partners from across the globe.

Corporate Philanthropy And Corporate Social Responsibility

ZealousWeb Technologies have always given extreme importance to corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy, in order to contribute whatever it can to resolve social and environmental issues. However, from now onwards, the company has decided to indulge into more and more charitable task, which can have a large scale impact on improving the conditions of people who need help.

CRM 2.0

In order to create a better, and more collaborative as well as a transparent working environment we have introduced and started to optimize ZRTS (Zeal Recruitment Tracking System), ZealCRM and ZealInvoice. As far as ZRTS is concerned, it is used for effective recruitment of right candidates. However, ZealCRM and ZealInvoice are used for maintaining an effective business environment in terms of strengthening customer relations and streamlining payment process.

The company is very much positive about the fruitful outcomes which will be obtained by it once the above-mentioned ideas are effectively put into practice. So far these types of strategic decisions taken by the upper management have always resulted in bringing desirable results. And that’s the reason we are confident enough that ideas implemented by us this time around will help a great deal in streamlining our work culture further.

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