68th Independence Day Celebration at ZealousWeb

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It’s been 68 years we have been breathing the air of freedom. We are highly obligated to the freedom fighters and their families that made the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy the perks of being a free nation.

On behalf of all the ZEALOUSCIANS we want to bow down and thank them for the pride they have brought to the nation. Also, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the soldiers that are currently fighting on the borders, so we can enjoy our freedom. It is because of the sacrifice made by them and their families that we can enjoy this air of safety and freedom.

We thank you all for the pride and honor you have brought to our nation. We are highly obliged for your services. You stay away from your family, so that we can stay close to ours.

We Thank You!

The Celebration

At ZealousWeb, we have the tradition to enjoy all the occasion and festivals at its fullest. For the Independence Day we decided to have a theme for the occasion. And what can be a better theme than the Tri-Color itself.

We ZEALOUSCIANS decided to dress in accordance with the color of our flag. All team members would wear either Orange, White or Green color according to the sitting arrangement. It was a good idea and with instant positive response of the team, we successfully pulled the theme off. The broad smiles in the photos suggest the fun we had.

Not just theme dressing but the whole office was decorated with flags and balloons. It was tri-color everywhere. A great fun experience and a very memorable event. Finally, during lunch, everyone got together and sang the National Anthem.

A Great Day Dedicated to a Great Nation!

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