Happy Independence Day

73rd Independence Day Celebration

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A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.
Mahatma Gandhi

Due to the great thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi and the sacrifices made by many other legends, we are independent today and living freely in peace. The joy of being in a free country can be experienced in the true sense only by those who have remained in captivity. It’s been over seven decades since we gained our independence, but every year on the 15th of August, we feel the same level of excitement and enthusiasm.

In short, the 15th of August is celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm by every proud Indian.

On this day, patriotism lingers in the breeze when the chants of the National Anthem brings a chill down to every Indian’s spine. The little school kids happily glorify the flags while marching to the drum beats and paying tribute to the freedom fighters.

We at ZealousWeb have also celebrated Independence Day with enormous excitement. What’s truly commendable about our company is that it allows our values to guide our actions every single day. We get the opportunities and freedom to explore new challenges.

At ZealousWeb, every single employee enjoys the freedom to think and express their views, freedom to fall and rise, freedom to express and advice, and freedom to examine and decide.

We believe that the true spirit of independence lies in giving freedom to employees the way they want to work.

Where there is Unity, there is always a Victory.
Publius Syrus

The Independence Day celebration at the workplace is an excellent way to unite all the employees together and arrange team building activities. Our ZealousWeb family participates in every single event eagerly; whether it is a work-related assignment or any other activity, we fully cooperate.

Our team planned a spectacular event where the tricolor decorations were nicely done by our staff, giving the whole ambiance a patriotic feel. And the Tricolor Ethnic theme was a pretty good idea that created an aesthetic appeal. We arranged a lot of fun and team building activities to bring our employees together. Whether you talk about puzzle-solving, or activities such as quiz competition, extempore speech, and singing patriotic songs, these activities allowed every member to showcase their multiple skills. And the celebration ended with a tasty snack arrangement.

The energized employees wholeheartedly participated in the activities that turned out to be the celebration of freedom, happiness, team building, and a lot of fun.

Divided by Works United by Patriotism

ZealousWeb wishes you all a very Happy 73rd Independence Day. Take a tour to Zealousweb Family’s Independence Day celebration where there is a flash of patriotism in every employee’s delighted faces. Check out our photos and videos to catch a glimpse of our happy posers, enthusiastic performers, energetic competitors, and cheerful audience, boosting the decorum of the event.

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