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A Minute-By-Minute Account of ZealousWeb’s Indelible Camp Dilly Trip

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Way before the sun’s rays could say goodbye to the gloom and kiss the mother earth, ZealousWeb’s entire team gathered at the company premises to start an unforgettable trip. Zealousians’ sky-high enthusiasm, sporty looks, and an unwavering desire to explore a new destination added that much-needed charm to the camping trip.

Our destination this time around was Camp Dilly – a camping resort- known for all things adventure. The journey started sharp at 6:30 in the morning, and everyone onboard was brimming with an unbelievable passion. It was an approximately two and a half hours’ drive from Ahmedabad, but none of us realized how fast the time flew.

We got so engrossed in singing songs and cracking jokes, the two and a half hours’ drive felt like a 15-minutes’ ride.

Although it’s our tradition to organize an excursion to celebrate the anniversary of our company each year, this time’s experience was way too impressive. Camp Dilly, a palatial resort, has everything that you can link to adventure.

A Detailed Account of Our Camp Dilly Activities.

9:00 to 9:30 AM – Arrival and Checkin Process

We reached our camping resort at nine on the dot. And, that is what our plan was; it means we are punctual too. The moment we entered CampDilly, our heart started pounding too fast, we wanted to jump into the activities straight away. But of course, that wasn’t the plan. The plan was to get ourselves settled down first. So we proceeded with the check-in process and reached our picture-perfect tents and rooms. The experience of staying in well-furnished tents is a little challenging to put into words. Not even the best authors in the world can do that effectively.

9:30 -10:30 AM – Breakfast

After getting freshened up, we moved straight to the banquet hall, where exquisite food was waiting for us. Served with tea and coffee; the breakfast had some of the most delectable dishes such as Sev Usal, Poha, and Medu Vada, etc. Since every single item was too yummy, we filled our tummies like never before.

10:30 to 1:00 PM – Adventurous Activities

Our team members participated in all the adventurous activities. From plank bridge, Burma bridge, swinging planks, commando net walk, parallel bars, to spacewalk, Burma loop, and Net Cricket, we tried everything. And we relished all of it. No matter how tough these camping exercises were, our team members completed them with full zest. Besides, we also took part in the rain dance and swimming.

1:00 to 2:30 PM – Lunch Time

After trying our hands at various venturous activities, we became utterly tired and hungry, so we ran straight to the lunch hall. And when we saw those endless dishes on the menu, we grabbed them promptly. Again, we filled our stomach like anything.

Although we had enjoyed mouthwatering dishes a couple of hours ago, we were getting this feeling as if we were hungry for years. And that’s because we burnt a lot of calories while performing those camping activities.

2:30 to 5:00 PM – Indoor Games

Once we finished our lunch, some of us headed straight to our tents to relax for a couple of hours, while others enjoyed indoor games. But, even though we went to our rooms, we did not fall asleep; instead, we enjoyed chitchatting. Sharing our thoughts and feelings helped us understand each other.

5:00 to 5:30 PM – High Tea

At 5 PM, we headed quickly to the banquet hall for high tea and enjoyed it like anything. The reason we loved every bit of our trip is that it allowed us to form deep bonds with our team members. Although we meet regularly, none of us gets enough time to talk about anything personal.

So we made the best use of our time by engaging in intense talks whenever we were free.

5:30 to 6:30 PM – Dressing Up

Once we finished high tea, we then moved to our tents or rooms to get ready for the rest of the activities that we had to enjoy that day. And everyone looked at their best.

6:30 to 8:30 PM – DJ Dance

Camp Dilly’s DJ dance experience was remarkably unique because we were dancing on the open ground with the starry sky right above our head. The DJ in question played the best of the best songs, which drew everyone to the dance floor.

8:30 to 09:30 PM – Dinner

The dinner started sharp at 8:30 PM, and this time they served us Khatyawari food, which was irresistible. From yummy ‘baingan bharta’ (a brinjal recipe) and ‘sev tamatar ki sabzi’ (a delicious curry) to rich ‘lauki ka halwa’ (an Indian dessert made from bottle gourd and milk), we tried a variety of dishes.

9:45 to 11:45 PM – Karaoke

One of the best parts of the entire trip was Karaoke, wherein our team members sang beautiful songs on pre-recorded music. It was a show that helped us discover some of the best singing sensations of our organization. Their melodious voice is still echoing in our ears.

11:45 PM – Back to Rooms & Tents

Once the Karaoke performances got over, we finally headed to our tents or rooms for enjoying a good night’s sleep. However, some of our team members stayed up all night, thinking they won’t get such an opportunity soon.

6:00 to 8:00 AM on 17th Nov 2019 – Explored a Riverside Hiking Trail

The next morning we explored a riverside hiking trail. It was the best way to connect with nature, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Talk about a stunning sunrise view or birds chirping in their natural habitat, all of it added a unique zeal to our hiking trip.

But what took our breath away, was the act of preparing maggie in the wild. And most of us agreed on the fact that it was the best maggie we ever had in our lives.

8:00 to 9:30 – Breakfast

After finishing the hiking trail, we had one and a half hours to finish breakfast. Again, without any doubt, the breakfast menu was fabulous. Apart from tea and coffee, we had fluffy idlis, sambar, nariyal ki chutney, and cutlets, etc.

9:30 to 10:00 AM – Checkout Process

Finally, we packed our bags and moved straight to the reception for the checkout process; it happened swiftly.

To summarize, our camping trip was action-packed, and we will cherish the memories that we brought back from it forever.

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