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A Rundown Of The Talent-Rich Inbound 2020 Event

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[responsivevoice voice=”US English Female” buttontext=”Podcast Now”] Inbound 2020 exceeded all expectations than last year by carrying out the coveted event digitally with utmost panache. Introducing a vivid rooster of speakers beyond the digital marketing arena, Hubspot achieved a whole-some experience badge via Inbound 2020. In addition to a wide range of speakers, pre-recorded sessions, and live Q&A sessions, Hubspot also unveiled various products for its ardent customers. While the list is relatively elaborate, we’ll highlight our favorite product updates and spotlights through this blog. But before we steer right into that, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate the flow of the Inbound 2020 event.

Team Hubspot left no stone unturned to ensure a holistic experience for its enthusiasts. The vigilant team pre-recorded sessions to battle any contingency during the event and ensured that they weren’t too information-heavy or long. The sessions were evenly spread out in a 30/20 ratio between the talk and he Q&A session. The transfer of information was clean, crisp, and enlightening.

Their product updates were in-sync with the exponentially changing digital arena. Hubspot rightly charted the concentration of power in the consumers’ hands and has come up with customer-friendly products that will help businesses understand their customer’s needs and preferences easily.

Here are our favorite products from Inbound 2020!

1) Sales Hub Enterprise

Let’s face it — B2B sales can be challenging and time-taking. It takes careful analysis of the CRM and creates a strategy in line with your customer’s requirements. But there are a few short-comings of following the legacy-based CRM;

  • It can be tedious to update it regularly if you have a large sales volume.
  • It could be tricky for the sales-rep to follow the CRM and formulate a pragmatic strategy.

Hubspot’s Sales Hub Enterprise solves this problem by creating a simple-to-use CRM framework that’ll help you generate sales that are in-line with your customer’s expectations. It is also practical because it involves the use of artificial intelligence to accelerate your sales.

2) Marketing Contacts

Marketing contacts are a revelation in the world of marketing and sales. When using software to reach out to your niches, you generally have to pay a standard fee irrespective of the contacts you choose. Sometimes, the fee only increases as your contacts increase.

Hubspot’s Marketing Contacts allows you to pay for contacts that you choose to market your product or service via emails or ads. You can store up to one million contacts that include the contacts you want in your Rolodex but aren’t ready to reach out to yet!

3) Account-Based Marketing

More often than not, companies find a slack between their sales and marketing teams that leads to a lack of lead generation and sales conversion. Hubspot’s account-based marketing allows sales and marketing teams to join forces and reach out to accounts with customized solutions.

It means that every account you manage will be a part of a customized marketing and sales campaign. Such a practice will allow you to maintain cordial relations with your clients and create tailored solutions for them.

4) Advanced Team Management Functionality

With growing departments and teams, companies need to advance software to carry out tasks and keep track of their process and completion. Hubspot’s Advanced Team Management Functionality allows companies to create a rooster that caters to different accounts or creates teams depending on the department and later sorts them together to create a new team for a new account. Companies don’t even have to navigate to a different window with advanced features to chat about a project; it’s all in there!

5) Revenue Attribution Reporting

Consider a mix of marketing and pre-sales; now imagine the power you wield to generate 2x your current sales number. Hubspot’s revenue attribution reporting feature allows you to map customers’ journeys, create plans according to the buyers’ persona, and measure your revenue from these vigorous activities. Given that departments almost over-lap each other in today’s day-and-age, implementing solutions for such an over-lap is the right way to go, and Hubspot has captured it!


Like we said in the beginning, Inbound 2020 exceeded all expectations by pulling off a massive digitally-powered event. Apart from exciting and comprehensive speaker sessions, it included the unveiling of multiple products and services to help B2B and B2C businesses immensely.

You can always find out more from the official Hubspot website and unlock great features today! [/responsivevoice]

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