A ZealousWeb Trip To The Venice Of The East – Udaipur

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Ever since we are born, all of us have gone on countless trips and have explored numerous places with our family and relatives, but the jaunt organized by the ZealousWeb on its 12th birthday was certainly very special for the entire ZealousWeb Family. Considering the fact that ZealousWeb has come a long way since its inception in November 2003, the management had decided to hold an event where employees stay connected for the whole day on ZealousWeb’s Birthday and enjoy on voyage to Udaipur – the city of lakes located in the state of Rajasthan.

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Employees were quite excited to explore the serene beauty of lakes and historic palaces of kings in the city of Udaipur. A special punch to the socializing was made with the addition of the family members of the employees. This special enhancement to trip doubled the enjoyment for Zealouscians and we celebrated the great event with the families of the employees.

The journey begins now…

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On the eve of this occasion, Employees gathered outside the company premises with their shoes pulled up and packed with energy and fun-filled moods to inaugurate the celebrations time. Employees have spent the whole day working and enjoying the in-house anniversary celebrations. The clock has ticked to 12 now and here begins the most-awaited journey with enthusiastic team of zealouscians. All of them were looking happy and enjoying the atmosphere created in four chambers of bus.

The zest and eagerness of the employees was enhanced with the chit-chats and games engaging the employees organised by HR Team.The employees started cracking jokes and singing songs spreading the joy on the roads to the destination.

Time to take a break and fill up your tummies

After travelling for a while on the way to Udaipur, the buses halted for a quick refreshment at Himatnagar. The employees quickly got down from the buses and packed their bags with edibles and cold drinks to get fueled for the rest of the journey.

The best part of the bus journey was that everybody stayed awake the entire night till the buses reached the Venice of the east – Udaipur.

Destination Arrives…

The lake city welcomed us with a beautiful orange ball of sun rising from the east with its sparkling rays saying hello to Zealouscians in the midst of dew drops and fog. We have arrived to our destination of accommodation stay, the Subime hotel, the Valley View Udaipur. As soon as the team members landed up in the hotel, they rushed to the rooms to take a nap to vitalize for rest of entertainment.

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Relish the multi-cuisine delicacies

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As the excursion was arranged a little before Diwali, the meals at the hotel including the breakfast were no less than festive feasts to the team members. Numerous dishes were served in the breakfast including fresh fruits and fruit juices, tea & coffee, idly, dosa & sambar, bread butter & cutlets, chola puri, freshly baked cookies and chocolate muffins etc.

Dive and Swim…

From the breakfast tables, the team members landed up straight to the swimming pool with their sunscreens and swimming suits on. Some were enjoying the chilled waters and some were warming themselves with the sun bath. All enjoyed the dives of swimming champions and with the pushing the aquaphobics into the waters.
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Munch at Lunch

The swimming pool enjoyment made the rats to turn the zealouscians tummies into racecourse.A variety of mouth-watering Indian Cuisines were waiting for them on lunch table to munch at and all enjoyed the food and calm down their hungry stomach.

Game Zone

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Corporate games were organized to entertain the employees to jollify their moods in the leisure time before the award ceremony. This event was hosted by Mr. Vishal Bhatt (one of the founding members of the company) which was like icing on the cake and received an outstanding participation from the teammates. The time flew really fast during this session, and the event ended with a whoopee feeling on their faces.

The next in line was the “ZealousWeb Award Function”

The ZealousWeb Award Function, which started around 6 PM was the most awaiting function of the evening. It was hosted by none other than Mr. Kandarp Bhatt (one of the owners) himself, whereas Mr. Vishal Bhatt was busy in giving away the trophies to the winners, the heroes of ZealousWeb to appreciate their dedication, sincerity and hard work. They were delighted to find high respect in the eyes of their colleagues and proud feeling in the hearts of their families.

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Shake your Body and let’s Rock the floors

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Its time to get crazy and shake your body on the music beats.Dance the way you love because who cares, everyone is busy swaying on their feet.

Say GoodBye…

The next day morning after having the breakfast, we have to say goodbye to the lake city, our lovely excursion point and hope we again meet soon with reloaded fun and excitement.

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