Act Of Random Kindness By ZEALOUSCIANS

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Everybody’s busy these days—it’s just a fact of life. With less time in hand and between our careers, families and other social responsibilities, could we have stopped to look back and help people who are in-need?

But, in the busyness of our everyday lives, among many in the world, there are few ZEALOUSCIANS who took initiative for the poor’s by donating their birthday party reserves on their birthday instead of just throwing away all money on parties.

It was their enthusiasm and not to mention our very own team members’ initiative to take this act of kindness forward to distributing rugs and cloths to the poor and needy people.

We purchased rugs to be distributed from this collection. And along with this, ZEALOUSCIANS also participated in donating their clothes to the needy ones.

We had an incredible experience in going out and personally donating it to them who are really in need.


Looking at them we felt, what a small child or an old woman has to face in winter nights when they have hardly even full-sized clothing’s to cover their bodies in wide open. No shelter, no blankets.

But we must admit that they have an amazing spirit and faith and we can learn a lot from them.

This experience has made us more grateful for what we have and increased our desire to do more for the needy.

Have you ever felt like a cold bath that wakes you up and shows you the true meaning of life?

If not, try reaching out to these poor people, lend them your hand and you will feel the satisfaction and happiness of giving service to others.

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