Back to School: Zealompic 2k19

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On your marks, get set, go!?

What a way to start 2019! Success from the past 12 months – and a little downtime in the very first month – has energized the ZealousWeb team to kick off the new year. We can’t wait to keep the momentum going – in fact we haven’t – started the year by celebrating Zealompics 2k19, ZealousWeb’s Sports Day, and will continue by many more such events and building new and existing relationships and anticipate future success together.

A champion is someone who gets up even when he can’t. Such was the enthusiasm seen at the Zealompics 2k19 event held at Sprint Recreation, Ahmedabad, where more than 80-100 employees took part with utmost determination & excitement.

With the beautiful sun & a gentle breeze, conditions couldn’t have been more perfect for Zealompics!

Employees of all the department participated enthusiastically in the 7 stations including Cricket, Volleyball, 100m Race, Kho Kho, Relay Race, Lemon & Spoon Race, and Needle & Thread Race challenges. They not only participated but also surpassed the boundaries of teamwork and sportsmanship. The day was marked with the massive presence of the employees who haven’t participated but still attended to support the participants, and witness a very friendly, and cheerful atmosphere.

Employees were treated with nutritional beverages all day long and delicious evening snacks with tea and coffee.

When we are talking about sports than how can we forget about the key ingredient of its success? Yes, you got me!!! VOLUNTEERS – They provided the most basic of work and ease the stress of the management. They created an enjoyable surrounding with their immense and playful enthusiasm. Kudos to their plunge!!!

The day was filled with cheerful encouragement for players. The round table was decorated with the trophies. The winning teams were awarded the prizes and medals.

A successful and inspiring start of the year for Zealousians as the day ended with a spectacular evening dinner with all the employees.

So, this is how zealousians began their 2019. Smiling faces, high in spirits and lots of fun. At ZealousWeb employees are treated like family and always strive for their success.

Are you still caught up with this text? Come On…!! Real Action is down in the Video…


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