Elan 2020

Elan 2020 – A Rewarding Night

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Lights, Camera, and Action!
These are the words you hear before the production of a movie.
Do you know what we heard during the practice of Elan-2020?
Awards Night, Euphoria, and ZealousWeb Family.

Elan-2020 is the 7th annual award function of ZealousWeb Technologies, and it took place on the 29th of February 2020. Every four years, we receive this gift of one extra day, so this year we decided to make the most of this extra day and hold our award function with utmost panache.  On the 17th of February, right after our sports day, we sat together to discuss the details of the function. For a moment then, it seemed like a difficult task. To hold a full-fledged event in 15 days seemed like a herculean task, but after a day of brainstorming, things seemed achievable.  We began chalking down the events we want to have and sending out google forms for participation. Out of a 140+ company, we expected a participation count of an even 50 members, but when we sat to scrutinize the forms, to our surprise, the number was 80+ members. It meant back-to-back auditions, practices, arranging for a volunteer team, and scheduling the entire event. On day-5, we called up a team meeting of the volunteers and delegated all the tasks and handed out badges that said ZealousWeb Volunteer.

We finalized the following events for the annual function;

1) Break-A-Leg (Dance)
2) SongBird (Singing)
3) Vogue – The Ultimate Fashion Show
4) Lively Troupers (Skit)
5) Tickle The Funny Bone (Stand-Up Comedy)
6) Musical Zealousians (Instrument)

From then, it was a hop-skip-and-jump to the day of Elan-2020!

29th February 2020

The volunteer team met at 03:00 PM to make the necessary arrangements, and look at the decorations for Elan-2020 which would commence at 05:00 PM that evening. We had two hours to decorate, rehearse, and have our last-minute jitters.

The participants had come at the same time to practice their walks, dances, and skits. Decorations were in order, and a few members of the ZealousWeb family had already come-in to help their fellow buddies.

It was time to raise the curtain and extend a warm welcome to our beloved Zealousians. The event began with a prayer by our Zealousians and a simultaneous lamp lighting by our management team, Founder & CEO – Mr. Kandarp Bhatt, COO – Mr. Keyur Dave, and CFO – Mr. Vishal Bhatt; followed by an elegant dance in praise of Lord Ganesha by Prachi Kadia. After a series of performances, it was time to call upon the winners of the Star of the Month, WoW, and Chief Closer Awards for the entire year of 2019. The award distribution was followed by our COO, Mr. Keyur Dave’s speech, a very elegant fashion show, and the most awaited annual presentation by Radha Ghodasara. At 07:30 PM, we took a small break only to come back for more refreshing performances.

The hosts for the evening, Jinal Parekh, Swati Sharma, and Aastha Oberoi, had done a great job on their scripts. They included short poems for most of the participants and performances; this little gesture made the evening even more special and delightful. We came back from our break for a series of spectacular performances and gratifying awards.

Every singer who sang, every dancer who swayed, every actor who emoted and every person who contributed saw the entire night come together as a truly rewarding night! Our Founder & CEO, Mr. Kandarp Bhatt, delivered a few well-chosen words on that joyous night. We had Adaah, The Insiders, Coders & Movers taking forward the spirit of group dance. They danced on the most energetic songs that persuaded us to tap our feet and clap our hands!

Pratik Parikh, Barsarani Debata, Neetin Solanki, Amit Pareek, Swati Kumari, and Sankalp Mukherjee sang the most melodious songs of Bollywood that touched our souls. Stand-up comedy by Simoni Shah was truly hilarious and ROLF-worthy. A very touching speech by Vijay Pathak on feminism and the battels that women have to fight gave us goosebumps and made us very proud of our team. Solo Dance performances by Jinal Parikh, Karishma Bidwan, and Harshad Vaishnav were very invigorating and exclusive. The musical drama about the employees of an IT company, by our lively troupers, triggered laughter throughout the run of the play. The night then ended with an encouraging song called Champion by DJ Bravo. The purpose behind that song was to consider everyone in that hall as a champion for the success of the event and a beautiful memory.

Here is the life of awards and their rightful winners:

  • Disciplined Employee of the Year – Bhavin Thummar
  • Differentiator of the Year – Vishal Rathore
  • Ace of Initiative.. A Rising Star – Abhishek Singh
  • Leadership Awards – Ankit Dobariya, Radha Ghodasara, and Vishal Valand
  • Customer Service Excellence of the Year – Jinal Parikh, Akshay Shah, and Sheba Maniar
  • Customer Delight Team – LinkedIn Market Research Team
  • Employee of the Year – Chandni Lakhani

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