Google I/O 2016: The Company Announces Tons Of New Apps & Technology Features

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There is little doubt that Google products always remain one of the first choices of people across the world, as far as the use of advanced technology is concerned. And probably that’s the reason all the tech-savvy people were desperately waiting for some sort of tech announcements from the company for a long time. And the best part is that the company never disappoints its customers when it comes to fulfilling their expectations.

At Google I/O 2016, which is nothing but a developer conference, the company has stunned the audience as well as the entire world with the announcement of tons of new applications and features. This must have brought a huge smile on the faces of tech-savvy people. This time around a few changes were done by the company as far as organizing  Google I/O is concerned, such as this event generally used to take place at Moscone West in San Francisco, however this year the venue was changed wherein the Shoreline Amphitheater, in Mountain View, played the host to the event.

The event which was attended by all most all the renowned personalities from Google, including Sundar Pichai, its Chief Executive Officer, thousands of developers, and a lot of well-known media personalities was all about the disclosure or announcements of latest features and applications as far as the company’s products, services, and platforms are concerned.

Following features and applications were launched by the company at Google I/O 2016-

1. Android N

Android N

One of the most important announcements in Google I/O this year was Android N, which is nothing but an operating system for Google’s mobile. Android N comes with lots of new features such as Vulkan a new API, improved security, multi-window support, easy software updates, a new picture-in-picture mode and improved notification control etc.

As far as Vulkan the new API is concerned, it is aimed at helping the developers when it comes to controlling the GPU directly in order to make use of high-quality 3D graphics. On top of that, Android N can prove to be a better gaming platform for users.

2. Daydream – Google’s Virtual Reality Platform

Google Daydream

Google has also unveiled Daydream- which is the company’s virtual reality platform for mobile phones. That means the mobile users will be able to use Daydreams in future if they would like to escape to their virtual world.

Media reports indicate that Daydream is much more advantageous and powerful when compared to Google Cardboard and hence it plays a huge role in taking the virtual reality to a next level. Considering the fact that Daydream is a VR system based on mobile technology, it should never be compared with rest of the virtual reality systems such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which are run with the assistance of computers.

In short, Daydream is meant to be used with Android N, as it will help in developing a wide range of new features which will eventually result in offering high-end VR experience to people using the phone running with this software. This simply indicates that in future,users will be able to make use of things like Google apps’ virtual reality version and a built-in virtual reality interface etc.

3. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistance, which was initially believed to be something similar to Google Now, is actually a chat app that effectively understands voice command, and then offer the required information to users. If required, you can also talk to Google Assistance with the support of text messages. It comes with an improved AI, and helps users in things like buying movie tickets, and in making OpenTable reservation etc.

In future Google is expected to use Google Assistance in a variety of its products including the phones.

4. Allo- A New Messaging App

Google Allo

During the conference, Google also launched a brand-new person-to-person and a group messaging app called “Allo” and it is expected to be the biggest competitor of similar messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Allo is a chat app for mobile phones, and in order to sign up for this app, you need to use your phone number. With the assistance of Allo, you can easily connect to your Google account. As far as its features are concerned it comes with custom stickers, emoji, and an a capacity to approach photos etc., apart from other common messaging features.

5. Duo – A Video Chatting App

Google Duo

Duo is nothing but Google’s Video chatting app, that is expected to offer tough competition to Apple’s FaceTime With Duo, Google takes video calling in Android to next level.

6. Google Home

Google Home

Another interesting announcement at Google I/O 2016 was Google Home, which is a kind of smart Wi-Fi speaker and it comes with a built-in voice-powered assistant that can be easily integrated with a variety of services. Google

Home is expected to be the competitor of Amazon Echo as it works in the similar fashion. It will answer all your questions similar to Amazon Echo and will perform the commands accordingly.

Google Home has the potential to manage your entire home via the connected device. That means it can be used for making changes in the music played by you, controlling what is played on the TV and managing the lights etc.

7. Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS

Another important announcement that was made by the company at Google I/O 2016, was that Chrome OS will now be featuring Google Play store and Android apps.

Apart from announcing above mentioned applications and features, Google has also announced Android Instant Apps, Android Studio 2.2, and Android Wear 2.0 etc.

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