Happy Teachers Day

Happy Teacher’s Day 2019

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Humankind has reached ineffable horizons in the past decades and is still in motion towards unseen vistas. During this race towards better things, we often forget to take a beat and think about our journey. 

The beginning of our journey was with pre-school, and it’ll see an end when we consciously decide that our learnings have come to a halt. We must take the baton of wisdom forward and shouldn’t drop it once we set foot into the professional world. During this thriving voyage, our learnings have surged by asking questions about things that were around us or in hindsight. Those questions were met with answers most of the time, but we’ve never taken a beat to appreciate the cognitive effort behind those answers. 

Our mentors are not limited to the sample space of institutional teaching, in-fact they extend beyond that periphery and are a subset of every debate, argument, or a friendly exchange of ideas, that we have had during this tenure. 

As perpetual learners, we must realize that our workplace is one such enclosed area that is a hub of knowledge, and through such a medium we have the opportunity to grow and work towards fruition, with it. 

In the case of an IT company, the hierarchy goes from being a developer, then a Team Lead (TL), to a Project Lead (PL), and then to the Project Manager (PM). As a developer, we often hit roadblocks and need a guiding hand to help us through, such is the work of the TL’s and the others above them, not only do they help us through difficulty, but they share their acquired knowledge and tactics that ease our work of climbing the ladder of success. 

In observation of Teacher’s Day, on 5th September, we made a small celebration revering all the mentors of ZealousWeb Technologies. We began with our Project Managers, went on to our Project Leader, and then our Learning and Development Specialist. We greeted them with a rose that was a symbol of our love and appreciation that we carry in our hearts, towards them. 

It wasn’t a grand gesture but a small one that said, “You make the world a place full of wisdom.”  

In conclusion, the growth of a company depends on successful managers who take the position of mentors and help their subordinates in overcoming difficulty.

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